Which banks offer free travel insurance?

12th January 2019by Joanna White

Travel insurance is something that’s an incredibly important investment to make when you’re travelling; whether you’re going to a country in Europe, or you’re travelling to the other side of the world, you want to make sure that you’re fully covered.

However, while travel insurance may be important and will cover you in the event of medical emergencies and cancellations, it can also be quite expensive, depending on the type of cover you require.

Luckily, there are several banks that offer free travel insurance when you take out a current account with them, meaning that you can essentially kill two birds with one stone by having your bank account and travel insurance policy in one place.

Which banks offer free travel insurance?

There are a whole host of different options to choose from when it comes to looking for a bank that will provide you with excellent banking services, as well as free travel insurance.

We’ve rounded up some of the best banks that will offer you free (or discounted) travel insurance when you take out a bank account with them.

Nationwide FlexAccount

When you take out a bank account with Nationwide FlexAccount, you’ll receive a plethora of incredible features and benefits, including free travel insurance.

With Nationwide, you’ll receive free UK and European multi-trip travel insurance as well as being covered for account holders up to the age of 75.

However, it’s important to note that you’ll only be covered for travel insurance if you pay a minimum of £750 into your bank account each month.

Nationwide also offer a FlexPlus bank account which includes even more comprehensive travel insurance cover; you’ll be covered for worldwide travel, winter sports and golf cover as well as cover for yourself, your partner and your children.


When you bank with Barclays, you’ll get the option to take out a travel insurance package for just £12.50 which covers you for European family travel insurance for everyone up to the age of 70.  You’ll also receive worldwide multi-trip travel insurance as well as breakdown cover as an added extra.

For even more comprehensive travel insurance cover from Barclays you can upgrade to the Travel Plus Pack which will cover you for worldwide travel insurance with special access to certain airport lounges all around the world. With the Travel Plus Pack from Barclays you can also enjoy airport parking and hotels discounts to make your holiday even more enjoyable and affordable.

Halifax Ultimate Reward Current Account

Halifax’s travel insurance policy will cover your whole family (providing you all live at the same address) for worldwide trips and business, winter sports and golf-specific holidays.

Halifax also offers a £100 welcome bonus when you open an account with them, which means you’ll have extra money for spending on your holiday!

M&S Bank Premium Current Account

Travel insurance with an M&S Bank Account will cost you £17.50 a month as part of your bank account. However, it will ensure that you’re covered for multi-trip family travel insurance, plus many other benefits such as M&S vouchers and a £500 overdraft.

While you do have to pay a fee for your travel insurance each month when you take out a bank account with M&S, you can rest-assured that your policy fee will be significantly less than if you were to pay for it separately. It also ensures that you receive excellent travel insurance.

NatWest Select

NatWest offers numerous different current accounts that all come with travel insurance offers. Their Silver account includes multi-trip travel insurance for Europe and includes a £10 interest-free overdraft.

The Platinum account costs £16 a month but includes worldwide multi-trip travel insurance as well as a £100 interest-free overdraft.

Both these current accounts are excellent for both banking services and travel insurance; however, it’s important to bear in mind that those aged over 70 will have to pay an additional £50 for the travel insurance cover.

Conclusion – which banks offer free travel insurance?

Unfortunately, travel insurance can come at quite an expensive cost, especially when you require the likes of worldwide multi-trip insurance for your whole family.

Thankfully, there are multiple banks that will offer you free, or at least remarkably discounted, travel insurance policies when you take out a bank account with them.

This can prove to be incredibly beneficial as your travel insurance policy will be with a reputable brand who can provide you with support and assistance; not only for your banking purposes, but also for your travel insurance policy.

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