Where to hide money when travelling

30th December 2018by Best Money Saver

While it’s not a nice thing to think about, unfortunately incidents can occur while travelling whereby your money could get lost or stolen. Therefore, it’s imperative to know where to hide money when travelling so that you’re not constantly worried about its whereabouts.

You may be surprised to discover that there’s actually so many places to hide money while travelling; learn more about where you can stash your cash while travelling in this guide!

Where to hide money when travelling

Wherever you’re travelling to, you should always feel as safe as possible but unfortunately there are some places in the world that are known for pickpockets and thieves.

While there’s not much you can do if someone wants to steal from you, there are ways to help deter pickpockets and keep your cash safe while travelling. In this guide, you can find plenty of information on where to hide money when travelling.

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash

The first thing to consider when thinking about where to hide money when travelling is not to carry large amounts of cash with you.

As well as carrying less cash with you, any cash you do have on you, you should try and keep it in small bills so that when you open up your wallet, hundreds of bills don’t fly out!

Split up your money

It’s also a good idea to split your money up into various places about your person and your belongings.

You should keep some in your wallet, attached to your body, and even in places such as a toiletry bag! That way, if you do get mugged and they just take your wallet, you’ll still have cash stored in other places in case of an emergency.

Keep it on your body as often as possible

One incredibly secure place to hide money while travelling is to keep it as close to your body as often as possible.

This could involve purchasing wallets and pockets that you can attach to your arms and legs, and even strapped to your back.

As this money will be hidden underneath your clothes and secured to your body, it’s less likely to be stolen or get lost.

Have a secure lock on your backpack

It’s often advisable to keep very little money in your backpack as it can be much easier to steal, but if you do keep some in your backpack then you should invest in a secure lock system that you can attach to your bag.

A sturdy lock with a key or pin code system can be one of the safest ways to keep your money protected while travelling as it will be harder to gain access to it.

Security belt with a hidden wallet

A security belt is one of the best places to hide money when travelling. They work as a regular belt for keeping your jeans or trousers in place, but they also have hidden pockets and sections where you can hide money, your passport and credit cards.

Many muggers or thieves won’t even consider checking your belt for hidden money as it’s not usually a place that you’d keep cash, so it can keep it safe.

You’ll also be wearing your belt almost every day, so you’ll always know where your money is and that it’s safe.

Keep it in your shoe

This might not be the best idea if you plan on trekking through jungles, muddy marshes or across rivers when on your travels, but if you’re just staying in dry areas then keeping your money in your shoe can be a great idea.

It’ll keep it on your person at all times and will also ensure that it’s safe as you won’t often be without your shoes.

You probably won’t want to keep much in your shoe as it could get uncomfortable, but a few bills slotted into your shoe can be a good idea in case of emergencies.

Consider having a dummy wallet

If you’re travelling to a place where there are a lot of pickpockets and you’re worried about getting mugged, then it can be a good idea to carry a dummy wallet with you.

This is simply a ‘fake’ wallet that you’ve bought to keep in your pocket that if stolen, won’t matter as it doesn’t actually include your real money and credit cards.

Conclusion – where to hide money when travelling

Travelling is such an incredibly exciting adventure to embark upon, but it can still come with the possibility of losing your money or having it stolen from you.

In order to keep your money as hidden and safe as possible, split up your money into different places on your person and ensure that it’s secure and safe with a lock and key combination.

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