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Travelex started trading in 1976 from its first store in London. Now it has 1,400 stores worldwide (plus 1,250 ATMs) across 26 countries, all situated at key airport, port and tourist locations. It serves over 37 million people every year.

Live Travelex Travel Money Exchange Rates

last updated: 4th August 2021 1:35 am
CurrencyExchange rate£100 Gets You
Euro (EUR)1.1401114.01Buy Now
US Dollar (USD)1.3540135.40Buy Now
United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)4.8738487.38Buy Now
Australian Dollar (AUD)1.8218182.18Buy Now
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)1.8513185.13Buy Now
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About Travelex Travel Money

One of the worst things about planning a holiday, and regarded by many as a chore, is swapping your hard earnt pounds for the foreign currency of your choice. There are a bewildering array of providers and exchange rates available, which can give you a headache. Choosing currency experts like Travelex can help you through this sometimes tricky part of your holiday and give you complete peace of mind. Take a close look at what Debenhams Travel Money has to offer.

Consider what Travelex Travel Money has to offer.

  • Very competitive rates on wide range of currencies
  • 0% commission
  • Purchase currency online, selecting cash, or a cash passport
  • Get currency delivered to your home for free, or collect at store
  • Great customer reviews
  • Collect many currencies from stores in just four hours
  • Use Travelex Cash Passport (seven currencies, one card)
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Travelex Prepaid Money Card

The Travelex Money Card is a really smart and secure card solution that allows the user to carry up to seven currencies on one card.

  • Safe, secure, convenient and flexible
  • Each trip you know that you have the ideal money solution at your fingertips
  • Can load card with wide range of currencies
  • Card cleverly picks the right currency for you
  • Automatically switches between wallets to complete a transaction
  • Secure chip and pin protection, not linked to your bank account
  • 24/7 Global assistance including free of replacement funds if card lost, or stolen
  • Can be used at 33 million locations
  • Free ATM withdrawals at 2.2m worldwide ATMs

There are conditions, so please read the Terms thoroughly.

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