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Don’t get bogged down wading through all the companies that are out there claiming to be the travel money best providers.

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We all know the headache of getting the best travel money at the right price when it comes to planning your trip abroad.

You’ve booked the hotel, the flights and got everyone organised. Right, you’re a mastermind at organisation, now you have to become a FOREX dealer and get your foreign currency sorted out. And that can be a nightmare. Tourist exchange rates change on a daily basis, so when to buy, how much to buy and how much commission to pay, all has to be considered. So, when you’re after the best travel money rates out there, use bestmoneysaver. And, use our Best guide to learn more about foreign currency.

Things to remember when sorting out your travel money:

  • can you apply online
  • what is the exchange rate you’re being offered
  • is it best to get cash, or travellers cheques
  • what rate of commission is in place
  • how many individual currencies are on offer
  • can you buy in a secure environment
  • choice about how you want to pay
  • what happens to the unused travellers cheques and notes
  • is there a home delivery service on offer

The buying and selling of currencies confuses even the best experts, so don’t get caught out paying more than you have to. You need to take a long and hard look at what you want for your holiday, or trip overseas. Cash is indispensible for such things as public transport and food at the airport, but you don’t want all your money in cash, so travellers cheques are usually the safer option.

Travel Money Providers

We’ve done that for you and believe we have selected the travel money best providers out there in the marketplace. This means that when it comes to your holiday planning, we can give you a head start, a chance to relax a little, look forward to your holidays and stop worrying about the fortunes of a particular currency. And if you feel that you’d like to learn more about buying currency, then consult out Best guide.

Having examined a vast number of companies and organisations who offer travel money, we believe we have honed down the list to a number of highly credible outlets. In our eyes, we consider certain areas of vital importance, including:

  • how easy is it to arrange the travel money online
  • how does the exchange rate stack up against other leading providers
  • it’s not just about the exchange rate of course – what commission do they expect you to pay (no point having low rate, but very high commission)
  • does the provider offer a small range of currencies (giving away the fact that maybe they haven’t got the size to be a major player)
  • when it comes to paying, what choice do you actually have
  • in terms of physically paying cash for your travel money, does the provider make available a secure environment
  • is proper provision made for the return of notes and travellers cheques which have not been used
  • are other helpful services available, such as a home delivery option

Check out who we recommend; it could save you a great deal of money in the long term.

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