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Everyone is on the lookout for the cheapest travel insurance, but there are plenty of other things to consider as well .

The cheapest travel insurance is important, but it may not always be obvious how you achieve that. Sometimes taking out a multi-trip policy, if you intend to travel a lot throughout the year, can make more economic sense than a single trip policy. Also, you have to think about your own situation (age, family members, or needing cover for a particular activity), before you decide on exactly which cover will suit you. Happily, we’ve done much of the preliminary work which means you don’t have to. Which saves you not only a great deal of time, but potentially saves you money as well.

Try out what we have to offer and take some weight off your feet.

Because when we plan for trips, we like to see certain key things in place.

  • Cover Types – we prefer the flexibility between the choice between a single trip, or annual multi trip insurance
  • Which Level – you need a choice between both, say Standard and Premier
  • Medical – don’t get caught ill abroad without cover, so we spotted policies with great levels of cover
  • If Cancelled – you need to get adequate compensation and get it quickly
  • Independent Traveller – not everyone goes package tours, so we’ve looked for policies that also suits those that go it alone
  • Play The Options Game – all companies tend to breakdown activities within your holiday should they be considered a great risk, so we’ve taken that into account
  • Its Personal – especially if you’re injured overseas, as you’ll need money to get you treated, or repatriated, so we’ve looked at that as well
  • Get Lost – or try not to, but a sad fact about going on holiday is that there are plenty of people out there to steal your personal belongings, so good cover in this area is a must

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