Travel insurance over 80 years old Post Office - Best Money Saver

29th November 2018by Joanna White

Regardless of your age, it’s incredibly important to have fully comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for every eventuality while you’re away on holiday.

The Post Office provide a range of different types of insurance, but one of their best and most popular types is travel insurance for over 80s.

In this guide, you’ll discover everything there is to know about travel insurance for over 80s from the Post Office. From the benefits of their insurance, to the things you need to be aware of when taking out your policy.

Benefits of Post Office travel insurance for over 80s

Travel insurance is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially as you get older when accidents and incidents are more likely to occur.

With the Post Office, you can obtain excellent travel insurance for those aged over 80, with a vast range of features and benefits to enjoy.

  • Protection against delays or cancellations
  • Cover for lost luggage
  • Personal liability cover
  • Annual and single trip policies available
  • Award-winning travel insurance policies
  • Optional extras available to add on

What you need to know

The Post Office is an excellent choice for those aged over 80. With a range of policies available, great deals and offers to take advantage of and optional extras to add on to your policies, the Post Office make for the ideal travel insurance provider for over 80s.

Single trip and annual multi-trip cover

If you’re over 80 and you take out travel insurance with the Post Office, then there’s a few things to note about the types of cover that they offer.

Their single trip cover is available up until the age of 85, which means you can take a single trip up to a certain amount of days with this type of policy.

However, the Post Office only offer their annual multi-trip cover for those aged up until 75, which is not entirely ideal if you’re over the age of 80. There are other options available to you however, if you do require travel insurance for more than one holiday or for longer trips so make sure to do all the necessary research.

Make sure you have the right medical insurance

As well as the right type of travel insurance, if you’re over 80, you also need to think about medical travel insurance.

If you suffer from an existing medical illness or condition, then you must have the correct type of insurance in place in order to make sure you’re fully covered while you’re away.

Even if you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when you’re travelling to Europe, you’ll still be required to have the right form of travel healthcare as your card won’t cover you for the costs of treatment in a private hospital, for example.

The Post Office travel insurance will also cover you for the likes of delays and cancellations as well as for lost baggage, documents and personal liability. Your EHIC will cover you to a certain extent, but not as thoroughly as travel insurance for over 80 year olds from the Post Office will!

When should you buy your travel insurance?

If you’re worried about your health but still want to book to go on holiday, then you should consider buying your travel insurance when you actually book your holiday.

This is in case you need to cancel your trip beforehand, or you’re suddenly unable to go due to an unexpected illness or injury before you go. If you already have your travel insurance however, you’ll be able to claim your losses on your travel insurance.

Make the Post Office aware of any medical conditions you have

As well as making sure you have the right level of travel insurance to suit your needs, you must also make the Post Office aware of any pre-existing medical conditions that you suffer from.

You may not be eligible for some policies with certain pre-existing conditions so it’s always better to make the team at the Post Office aware of anything you have, or any medication you’re taking so that they can tailor your insurance policy to suit you.

Conclusion – travel insurance over 80 years old Post Office

The Post Office are one of the leading providers of many types of insurance including home insurance, car insurance, mortgages and travel insurance.

Their travel insurance polices for people over 80 years old aren’t quite as comprehensive as their policies for younger generations, but you can still get full coverage for a range of different purposes.

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