Travel insurance for the elderly over 80 - Best Money Saver

18th December 2018by Joanna White

Travel insurance is an imperative thing to have at any age, as it can really help you out if you find yourself in an emergency or incident while on holiday.

It can be considered to be even more important for the elderly however, as you need to ensure you’re fully covered, especially if you’re prone to suffering from illnesses or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel insurance for the elderly over 80 can be expected to be more expensive than other travel insurance policies as they’re generally considered to be more at risk.

Many insurance providers will implement an upper age limit, which often means some policies will stop between the ages of 65 and 79. However, there are a few insurers in the market who can offer travel insurance for the elderly over 80; take a look at the table below for more options.

Insurance provider Maximum medical cover Maximum cancellation cover Cover options
Virgin Money Unlimited £7,500 Pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation, baggage
Staysure £10,000,000 £15,000 Pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation, baggage
Go Walkabout £10,000,000 £5,000 Pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation, baggage
Spectrum £10,000,000 £10,000 Pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation, baggage
World First £10,000,000 £10,000 Pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation, baggage

Virgin Money

Virgin offer some of the most comprehensive travel insurance for over 80s in the market.

You can expect a vast range of policy options, as well as extra cover to ensure you’re fully protected.

Cover for the essentials

One of the great things about Virgin is that they’ll make sure you’re covered for all the essentials.

You’ll be covered for the likes of cancellations, delayed baggage and medical treatments.

Four levels of cover

With Virgin, you can also choose from four different types of cover; red, silver, gold and black.

Each of these levels offer slightly differ policy terms and conditions, but no matter which one you choose, you can rest-assured that you’ll be fully covered if you’re over 80.


  • 24/7 medical helpline
  • Customisable extras


  • Have to make a claim online – not ideal for the elderly

When you take out an over 80s travel insurance policy with Virgin, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best possible cover for your needs.


Staysure offer one of the best maximum cancellation covers in this guide; at £15,000 you know you’ll be covered in the event that you need to cancel your holiday.

99% of global destinations covered

One of the great benefits of Staysure is that they cover 99% of global destinations.

This means, wherever you’re travelling to in the world, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll pretty much be guaranteed to get cover.

Many types of cover

As well as the standard types of cover such as single and multi-trip, Staysure can also offer you the choice of medical, cruise and golf specific travel insurance.


  • Basic and comprehensive cover options
  • 99% of places in the world covered


  • Have to buy extras for golf and cruise

Staysure can provide you with excellent travel insurance if you’re over 80 and are planning a holiday.

Go Walkabout

Go Walkabout are one of the lesser known providers of travel insurance for over 80s but they’re still a great insurer to consider if you’re elderly.

Cover for most pre-existing conditions

If you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, then you can rest-assured that it’ll be covered for by Go Walkabout.

Vast range of policies

Go Walkabout offer a vast range of policies that are suitable for over 80s, including Gold, Silver, Bronze and First-Class policies.

Each policy will offer you a different level of cover, but whichever you choose, you know you’ll be protected for the things you need.


  • Cover for pre-existing conditions
  • £10,000,000 in maximum medical cover


  • Only £5,000 in maximum cancellation cover

Go Walkabout will ensure that you receive the quality of cover that you require if you’re elderly and over 80.


Spectrum are a trusted provider of travel insurance for many people and they can offer you excellent prices with their quick quotes.

Three levels of cover

When you take out a policy with Spectrum, you can choose from three levels of cover to suit your needs.

Choose from Silver, Gold or Platinum cover.

Quick quote system

Another great thing about Spectrum is that they have a quick quote system on their website, whereby you can enter a few general details, and then receive an estimated quick quote within seconds!


  • Single and annual multi-trip cover
  • Cancellation cover up to £10,000


  • Have to pay to add extra conditions on to your policy

Spectrum can offer you a range of cover to suit your needs and your style of travelling.

World First

World First can provide you with travel insurance for the elderly over 80; there’s also many features and benefits to be enjoyed when taking out a policy with World First.

Up to 12 months in advance

One unique aspect of a policy with World First is that you can get cover for travel up to 12 months in advance.

This means if you’ve booked a trip that’s not for another 12 months, you can still be covered for it in the event of a cancellation, for example.

Award-winning service

In 2016, World First was voted by the Insurance Choice Awards as the travel insurance winner of the year.

In 2016, they were also a finalist in the same awards, so you can rest-assured they’re one of the best.


  • Award-winning providers
  • Optional extras


  • No 24-hour telephone helpline

World First will ensure that you get the possible cover if you’re elderly and over 80; you can tailor your policy to suit you and your needs.

What you need to know about travel insurance for the elderly over 80

Finding a travel insurance policy if you’re over 80 can often prove to be fairly difficult as many providers enforce an upper age limit, which means there’s often a maximum age cut off point for obtaining travel insurance.

Thankfully, there are still some providers who will be happy to provide you with insurance if you’re over 80; just take a look at the list above for more inspiration.

With that in mind, there are some things you should know about travel insurance for the elderly over 80.

What does it cover?

There are a number of things that travel insurance for over 80s covers; as you are considered to be more at risk of requiring medical treatment or advice, then you can often expect to incur more costs.

Take a look below to see some of the things that your travel insurance policy will cover.

  • Any medication you’re currently taking – you’ll also be covered in the event that you lose or misplace your medication
  • Any treatment that you may require – your policy will likely cover any treatment that you may need while you’re away, as well as any pending treatment you require back at home
  • Medical aids and equipment – if you require the use of a wheelchair, hearing aids or a walking aid, then you may be covered for these in your policy
  • Some providers will also cover you for a travel companion which will be included as part of your travel insurance policy

What does it not cover?

While a travel insurance policy for the elderly over 80 will include a lot of things to ensure that you’re fully covered while you’re on holiday, there are still a few things that you won’t be covered for.

  • Undisclosed medical conditions – if you fail to disclose any medical conditions that you’re currently suffering from when you take out your policy, then your insurance provider may decide not to pay out if you experience an accident due to this particular undisclosed illness or condition
  • Undeclared activities – of course, you might not know exactly everything you’ll be taking part in when on holiday, but you should be able to give a rough idea of what type of activities you can be expected to take part in
  • Undeclared belongings – if you plan on taking expensive gadgets and electronics on holiday with you, but fail to declare them beforehand and then they’re stolen or lost while on holiday, then your travel insurance provider may not cover you for this

Things to consider before you buy travel insurance for the elderly over 80

Before you buy your travel insurance policy, make sure you’ve fully considered the below so that you can be sure you’re getting the best cover for you.

  • The level of customer support and service – will you be able to access medical advice and help at all times of day?
  • The minimum amount of cover that you’ll need (especially as travel insurance can be incredibly expensive)
  • Any upper age limits – as previously mentioned, some insurers impose an upper age limit on their policies, so you need to make sure your provider of choice doesn’t have any upper age limits

Tips for making a claim on your insurance

If you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, then you must keep in mind a few things that you’ll need to have with you and provide your insurer with.

Contact your provider as quickly as possible

In order to ensure that your claim will be processed as soon as possible, you should get in touch with your insurance provider as quickly as possible.

Some policies may also have a time sensitive period whereby you need to make a claim within a certain period of time to ensure that it’s valid. Claiming quickly will also mean that the information is as fresh as possible in your mind.

Collect evidence

Many travel insurers will require you to have a sufficient amount of evidence when making a claim so that they know you’re telling the truth.

Try to collect as much evidence as you can before you make a claim as this will significantly increase your chances of your claim being settled as soon as possible.

Make sure to collect things such as receipts, reports, documents and any witness statements you may need in order to make a claim.

Keep your insurance documents safe and secure

When you’re not travelling, it’s imperative to keep your travel insurance documents in a safe and secure place where they can’t be lost or damaged.

When on holiday, many people like to take their insurance documents with them in case of an emergency; if you choose to do this, make sure they’re kept in a safe place such as your hotel safe or locked securely in your case. You may even wish to keep them on your person at all times, so that they won’t get lost or stolen. This will also mean you’ll have easy access to the emergency numbers should you need them.

Conclusion – travel insurance for the elderly over 80

Travel insurance is a great investment to make, especially as you get older as it can really come in handy if you suffer from an incident and need to make a claim while on holiday.

Make sure to compare quotes from the best providers in order to get the best policy for you and your needs. There are so many competitors in the market that it can be hard to make a decision; just make sure you gather all the necessary information you need to make your decision.