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29th November 2018by Joanna White

In recent years, Help the Aged and Age Concern merged together to form what is now called Age UK.

Age UK continue to support the Age Concern travel insurance policies however, so those aged over 70 can rest-assured that they can still enjoy a holiday without limits on their travel insurance policy.

Whether you’ve just hit retirement age, are well into your 70s, 80s or even 90s, Age Concern can help ensure you’re fully covered when it comes to travel insurance.

Types of cover

There are two main types of travel insurance cover with Age Concern over 70s policies; single trip cover and annual multi-trip.

Their single trip cover is ideal for those over 70 who just want to take a one-off trip somewhere. Each policy will be tailored to the individual so make sure you look out for how long your single trip can be.

Age Concern’s annual multi-trip plan is better suited to those who take multiple holidays per year. With this policy you can save money in the long run as you won’t have to constantly take out a new single trip policy every time you’re going away on holiday.

Age Concern also offer other types of policies including groups, winter sports cover and the chance to remove your excess fee by adding the extra cost to your premium.

Features and benefits

Age Concern travel insurance for over 70s is one of the best in the business for a number of reasons.

They offer fully comprehensive cover to those aged over 70, so everyone can enjoy their holiday without worrying about whether they have the right level of travel insurance.

24-hour medical assistance

In the event of a medical emergency while you’re away on holiday, Age Concern have a team of medical experts on hand to assist you with any queries or questions.

You can find out more about exactly what it is you’re covered for while you’re away, and you can also seek professional medical advice should you require it.

Up to £10 million in medical expenses

As well as the ability to get in touch with one of Age Concern’s expert medical team, you can also relax in the knowledge that you’re covered for up to £10 million in emergency medical expenses.

While it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get yourself into a situation that would require that amount of medical cover, it’s still nice to know that you are covered in that instance.

What you’ll be covered for

Depending on exactly what kind of over 70s travel insurance policy you take out with Age Concern, there are plenty of great benefits to be enjoyed.

Whether you need reassurance that you’ll be covered in the event that your trip needs to be cut short or you’d like to know that you’ve got sufficient hospital benefits, Age Concern can offer you the reassurance that you need.

  • Up to £10 million in medical expenses
  • Hospital benefits (£25 per day)
  • Death covered by £15,000
  • Temporary loss of belongings (£250)
  • Personal liability of £2 million
  • Delay (£20 per 8 hours)
  • If your trip is cancelled (£5,000)


  • No upper age limit
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions
  • 24/7 medical helpline


  • Not all pre-existing medical conditions are covered so make sure you make Age Concern aware beforehand

Things to consider

When it comes to taking out a travel insurance policy for over 70s with Age Concern there are a few things you should take note of and consider.

Make sure you’ve thought about the following when you’re buying your travel insurance policy.

  • How often you plan to travel – do you need single trip or annual multi-trip insurance?
  • Where exactly you’re travelling to – some policies may only cover you for certain countries
  • Whether you’re travelling alone or as a group – will it be cheaper to buy a group travel insurance policy instead of individual ones?
  • If you need extra add-ons to your policy such as winter sports cover – if you plan on doing some winter outdoor activities on your holiday, then you’ll want to be fully insured in the event of an accident
  • How much excess you’re willing to pay

Age Concern are an excellent choice when it comes to travel insurance for over 70s. They have numerous policies to choose from and their expert team are always on hand to help you make the right decision.

You can rest-assured that you’ll be well looked after in the event of a medical accident or emergency while you’re on holiday with Age Concern over 70s travel insurance.

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