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31st October 2018by Joanna White

Regardless of where you’re travelling to in the world, whether it’s Europe, Asia or North America, you’re probably going to have to exchange some money (unless you’re travelling within the same region, of course!).

There are dozens of travel money providers, all desperate for your business and with the market being so competitive, it can be hard to know which provider is the best.

While there isn’t a set rule or list to qualify who the very best in the market is, there are a number of factors to consider that will help you with your decision.

It’s important to consider a plethora of factors before choosing your travel money provider. No matter where you’re travelling to, or if you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you want to make sure you get the best exchange rate for your money.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find a wealth of information about the best travel money providers in the industry, as well as the things you should look out for when buying your money.


Debenhams travel money offer some of the very best exchange rates on both the Euro and USD (as well as numerous other currencies). They also often have special offers on as well as a free gift voucher if you spend over a certain amount of money on currency.

Free gift voucher

One of Debenhams’ unique selling points is the fact that they offer a free £5 gift voucher to spend on purchases over £20 in store when you spend £50 or more on currency. This is a great benefit as you can get your travel money and also pick up any extra bits you may need for your holiday; all the while saving money!

Over 60 currencies available

Wherever you’re travelling to in the world, chances are that Debenhams travel money will stock your currency of choice. You’ll also receive great rates and deals from a vast range of currencies from all other the world.


  • Click and collect and home delivery options
  • Free £5 gift voucher over £50 spent on travel money
  • Exchange rates on over 60 currencies


  • Expensive delivery cost of £6.95 for home delivery on orders less than £500


Debenhams Travel Money have some of the best exchange rates for a wide variety of currencies so that you can enjoy spending your money in many different countries!


Known as one of the best providers of travel money in the U.K. you can rest-assured that you’ll be getting the best value for money with Travelex. They’re an incredibly well-established and trusted brand within the industry.

International money transfer

Travelex offers a service called Travelex Wire whereby you can transfer money internationally in just a few steps. Travelex also have 40 years of experience in the industry, so they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to travel money.

Travelex Money Card

If you prefer not to carry a lot of cash with you when travelling, then the Travelex Money Card may be the best option for you.

With their Money Card you can top up your card with a choice of 10 currencies, including GBP, EUR, AUD, and UAE Dirham, plus a number of others. The card allows you to lock in an exchange and then use your card across millions of locations all over the world.


  • Unique Money Card
  • Transfer and receive money internationally with Travelex Wire
  • Receive free email updates on exchange rates


  • Office delivery option only available in London


Travelex are one of the best and most unique travel money providers in the industry. With a number of services including the Travelex Money Card and Travelex Wire, they really are a great provider to use for travel money exchange.

Travel FX 

Travel FX offer one of the best exchange rates on USD in the travel money provider industry. They also have a number of benefits of exchanging your money with them, including various payment methods and zero percent commission.

0% commission

With Travel FX, you benefit from 0% commission when buying currencies, as well as great competitive rates.

No maximum order values

One of the greatest advantages of using Travel FX to exchange your currency is the fact that they don’t have a maximum cap on the amount of money you can exchange. As long as you exchange a minimum of £300, there is no upper limit.

This is great if you’re planning to travel for a while as you won’t be limited to the amount of money you can exchange and take with you.


  • Can exchange as much money as you require
  • 0% commission
  • Many payment methods including bank transfer, internet banking, and BACS, plus more


  • Don’t supply travellers’ cheques or prepaid cards


NM Money is a great option to use to exchange your currencies. They offer great rates on over 70 difference currencies and also offer free next day home deliveries on orders over £750.

NM Money

NM Money is a fairly new online brand that’s part of NoteMachine who provide services to over 2 million people. There’s free next day delivery available, as well as the option to Click and Collect from one of their many branches across the country.

Over 170 branches

NM Money can either deliver your travel money straight to your home or it can be collected from a choice of over 170 Eurochange branches across the country. This is a great convenience if you need to pop in and pick it up as you’re sure to not be too far from a branch!

Next day delivery

This travel money provider also offers next working day delivery as long as you order it before 4pm that day. This is another great bonus as you’ll be able to receive your travel money even if you’re pushed for time before embarking on your holiday.


  • Next working day delivery
  • Over 170 collection stores
  • Excellent exchange rates on EUR, USD and many other currencies


  • You have to order £750 worth of money to qualify for free home delivery


NM Money is a great option to use to exchange your currencies. They offer great rates on over 70 difference currencies and also offer free next day home deliveries on orders over £750.

No1 Currency

With No1 Currency, you can rest-assured that you’re going to be getting some of the best exchange rates in the business. No1 Currency allow you to change numerous different currencies with 0% commission fee.

Travel money cards

No1 Currency offer Euro, USD and British Pound Sterling travel card that are free when you load over £400 onto them. These are a new addition to the No1 Currency portfolio, but you can guarantee that they’ll be widely popular as you can receive excellent competitive exchange rates.

Huge range of services available

With No1 Currency, you can choose home delivery, Click and Collect or even Click and Sell where you can sell back your unused currencies at competitive rates.


  • 0% commission
  • Travel money cards for free with a £400 initial upload
  • No minimum order on Click and Collect


  • Have to spend over £750 in order to get free home delivery


No1 Currency can offer you a great selection of different currencies all at extremely competitive exchange rates as well as no minimum orders on Click and Collect purchases.


AIRGOFX are one of the best performers in the travel money industry as they offer incredible rates and will endeavour to beat almost any competitor. They’re considered to be somewhat of a dark horse in the industry as they aren’t quite as well known as the likes of Travelex and Debenhams Travel Money but you can still obtain great rates on a range of currencies.

Mobile App

One unique feature of AIRGOFX is that they have their own mobile app where you can order travel money and use their live currency converter to see the latest and most up to date exchange rates for many different currencies.

Click and Collect in central locations

AIRGOFX have collection branches in both London Bridge and Canary Wharf so it’s ideal if you work in Central London as you can pop on your lunch break and collect your currency that you ordered via the mobile app.


  • Excellent features on mobile app
  • Order before 10am and collect same say from 4pm
  • 0% commission


  • Only two branches available and both are in London so not nationwide


The AIRGOFX mobile app makes it extremely easy and convenient to order your travel money and check live exchange rates. However, the lack of nationwide branches may prove to be an inconvenience for some people.


Currency Online Group

Currency Online Group offer International Money Transfers, buy back deals and excellent exchange rates. You can also receive free next day delivery on orders over £750 as well as 0% commission on your travel money orders.

Prepaid cards

One of the many great services that Currency Online Group offers is a WeSwap prepaid currency card that you can use in locations all over the world. When you load £50 or more onto your prepaid card, Currency Online Group will give you £10 free!

Currency buy back

Currency Online Group offers two ways to sell your currency back to them if you don’t spend it all on holiday. You can either use their buy back postal service or take it into a branch where they’ll give you an excellent rate, so you can convert it back into your home currency.


  • Free £10 on £50 or more prepaid card uploads
  • Free delivery
  • International Money Transfers


  • Fluctuating exchange rates


Currency Online Group are a great travel money provider to purchase your currency from and to sell back to. Make sure you make use out of their free £10 offer on prepaid cards that are loaded with £50 or more!

Buyers guide

When you’re looking to purchase your travel money, there are a number of factors that you need to consider in order to get the best value for your money. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

Compare providers

It can be easy to just head straight to Google and use the top travel money provider that comes up in the results, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best one.

There are various factors to think about in order to determine which travel money provider is the best. Things like exchange rates, how far your money will go, how much you can exchange as well as the buy back rate and any other bonuses that you may receive.

It’s important to compare travel money providers in great detail so that you can be assured you get the best value for your money.

Buy travel money before you go

You’ll often hear a wide variety of opinions when it comes to how and where you should buy your travel money, and quite often, there’s not actually one set answer that’s correct.

It is often advised however, that you should buy your travel money before you go. This is to save you time and hassle as if you left it until the last minute you could find yourself struggling to get the sufficient amount of money you want to take with you.

Buying travel money online is often considered to be the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective method of comparing providers and purchasing your money.

Things to look out for when buying online

  • That it’s going to be an easy and quick process
  • That you won’t incur any unnecessary or invalid fees
  • That you’ll get the best exchange rate possible
  • That your travel money will arrive in plenty of time before your trip
  • That you won’t have to pay extortionate delivery fees
  • That there’s a number of different travel money options available such as cash, prepaid cards or travellers’ cheques

Cash or prepaid travel card?

One important thing to remember when exchanging travel money is that there are different methods of obtaining your money.

If you’re planning on travelling for a prolonged period of time then you may be reluctant to take too much physical cash with you, in which case a prepaid travel card is probably the best option for you.

You simply add funds to your card before you go and then you can top it up as and when you need to. It can be used to make purchases while on holiday and you can withdraw cash from ATM points if you need to. It’s considered to be a much simpler and often safer way of transporting your travel money as you don’t run the risk of losing huge amounts of cash.

However, if you do lose your travel money card then you could face difficulties, especially if you don’t have any spare cash with you.

Carrying travel money in the form of cash is often preferred for some people as it’s easier to pay for convenient items such as taxis, drinks and tips while in restaurants and bars.

Cash is also accepted pretty much everywhere, all over the world, so you won’t face any possibilities of your currency being declined, which could potentially happen with a prepaid card.

With so many factors to consider when looking at the best travel money providers, it can get a little overwhelming. As long as you know what you want to get out of your currency exchange then you should find the whole process fairly straightforward and simple.

Make sure you consider everything when choosing the best travel money, such as the exchange rates they offer, their buy back policies and how much extra fees you’ll incur.

How long you’re going for

When buying your Euros, you should think about the length of your trip as this will help to determine how much money you should take with you.

Obviously, the longer your trip, the more money you’re going to need. Other factors such as whether you’re staying all-inclusive or if you need to buy everything while you’re there will help to determine how much money you should exchange into Euros.

If you’re not travelling all-inclusive then you should make a rough list of what you can expect to buy while you’re away. Items such as food, accommodation (if you have to pay in cash when you arrive) as well as drinks and souvenirs all need to be taken into consideration when planning how much money you need to take.

It’s also worth noting that if your hotel requires you to pay in cash when you’re there, then you should remember to take a little bit extra as you can often incur VAT fees and city taxes depending on where you’re travelling to.

What activities you plan on doing

As well as the length of your holiday, you should also think about what activities you might be doing while you’re there.

If you’re planning to have a relaxing holiday spent on the beach or by the pool most days, then you probably won’t need to take as much cash with you.

Whereas if you plan on taking part in numerous activities each day, then you’re going to need more money, especially if you can’t book the activity and pay for it online.

Emergency cash

It goes without saying that wherever you travel to, you should always have a bit of emergency cash with you just in case of any unplanned incidents.

You don’t have to carry an obscene amount with you, but it’s a good idea to have some extra cash in your home currency as well as the currency you’ll need while away just in case.

Cash or credit travel card?

There’s no necessarily right or wrong answer to this question; it’s entirely up to the individual’s preference.

It’s often a good idea to have a combination of both cash and money on a card when travelling just in case you misplace one, or it gets stolen.

You can often get much more money onto a travel credit card as opposed to the amount of physical cash you can exchange from a travel money bureau as many providers don’t often let you take out more than £2500.

Buy back deal

Another thing you should consider when looking at the best Euro exchange rates is whether the bureau you’re buying from allows you to use a buy back deal.

If you return home from your holiday and you still have a fair bit of money left over then you can either choose to store it away and save it for another trip, or you can arrange a buy back deal with your currency provider.

Some travel money providers (such as Tesco Bank) will actually buy back your currency even if you didn’t originally purchase it from them!

There’s a lot of things to consider when you’re planning to use a Euro exchange rate from your local travel money providers.

You need to take into consideration their exchange rate, how long you’re going away for, plus a number of other factors.

Exchange rates vary all the time due to the economy so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the exchange rates at least a couple of weeks before you go on holiday, so you can see when you can get the best deal. The rates fluctuate so much and so often, so you could use a tool that alerts you when the exchange rate has dropped to a price that you’re willing to pay so that you get the best deal possible on your travel money.

Wherever you’re travelling to in Europe, there’ll be a travel money provider who can offer you are great Euro exchange rate.