Thomas Cook Travel Money Card

26th November 2018by Joanna White

Thomas Cook are leading specialists when it comes to all things travel related.

From booking lavish holidays in the Mediterranean, to travel insurance and travel money, Thomas Cook have got you covered.

There are so many wonderful reasons why you should use Thomas Cook as your point of call when it comes to collecting travel money; their unique travel money card really is one of a kind and can assist you with all your travel currency needs!

Travel money card

Thomas Cook travel money used to be famed for their Cash Passport but have recently got rid of that (although you can still use it until your card expires) and have replaced it with the new and improved prepaid travel money Mastercard; Lyk.

Lyk is an incredibly unique way to spend your travel money while abroad. It comes with a Waveband that allows you to make contactless payments (similar to the likes of contactless payments or Apple Pay).

It’s the first of its kind and makes for a remarkably easy and convenient way to spend your money while on holiday.

Features and benefits

The Lyk travel money card from Thomas Cook comes equipped with many features and benefits that makes spending your money abroad much easier.

You can enjoy a vast range of currencies as well as the luxury of paying contactless, so you don’t have to worry about carrying cash around with you.

  • 0% commission when you top up your Thomas Cook Lyk travel money Mastercard
  • Use contactless and Apple Pay technology
  • Enjoy the ability to freeze or unfreeze your card at anytime
  • Top up your Lyk card anytime, anywhere, even while you’re on the go
  • It’s accepted worldwide so you can enjoy spending your hard-earned travel money almost anywhere in the world
  • Enjoy the use of the Lyk mobile app where you can monitor and track all your travel money card spending
  • Transfer existing money from one currency to another, as well as moving it from your old Thomas Cook Cash Passport to your Lyk travel money card

How to buy

There are a variety of ways that you can purchase your Thomas Cook travel money card. They’re well aware that time is very precious to you, especially when preparing for a holiday so Thomas Cook make it incredibly easy to get your travel money card just in time.

Take a look below to see all the ways that you can buy and obtain your Lyk travel money card.


You can easily purchase your Lyk travel money card online via a link on the Thomas Cook website.

You’ll be taken to the dedicated page for Lyk travel cards where you’ll be able to order it and pay for it online, either for collection or delivery.

Via telephone

If you’re not particularly tech-savvy and don’t want to order your card online, but also don’t have time to go instore either, you can order your Lyk travel money card via the telephone.

Thomas Cook experts are on hand 8am-10pm Monday to Friday and 10am-8pm Saturday and Sunday so you can place your order for your travel money card via the phone for your convenience.

Home delivery

Another way to get your travel money card in time for your holiday is to get it sent straight to your home.

There are often minimum charges when it comes to home delivery for currency; with Thomas Cook it’s a minimum of £200 and a maximum of £2,500 that you can order for home delivery.

Furthermore, Thomas Cook also offers the option for next day delivery as long as your order is placed before 2pm that day.

Reserve and collect

You can also reserve your travel money and/or Lyk travel money card online and then collect it from your nearest store at your convenience.

This is a very useful feature as you can simply place your order and then pick it up from the store the next day when you’re on your lunch break, for example.

Popular currencies from Thomas Cook

The Thomas Cook travel money card allows you to choose from a vast range of different currencies that you can top your card up with.

Whether you’re going to Europe or New Zealand, the Lyk travel money card has got you covered with a large selection of currencies available.

  • CAD $
  • EUR €
  • USD $
  • GBP £
  • CHF
  • ZAR
  • NZD $
  • AED
  • TRY

Conclusion – Thomas Cook travel money card

When it comes to obtaining travel money from Thomas Cook, there’s a lot that you need to think about and consider.

From whether you want to carry cash or card, or if you want to invest in the unique offering of the Lyk travel money Mastercard, Thomas Cook has an excellent range of options for you to choose from in order to enjoy your foreign currency.

We have found the Debenhams Travel Money Card to also offer very competitive exchange rates and offers for their customers. The ASDA Travel Money Card also offers a Mastercard that can be used worldwide in millions of ATM’s globally.

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