Temporary car insurance for students under 21 - Best Money Saver

29th November 2018by Joanna White

Temporary car insurance is great way to get cover for short term driving, if you don’t need to take out a long term policy.

A great example of someone who may require this type of insurance is a student who needs to borrow their parents’ car in order to transport their belongings to university, for example. There are of course, many other reasons why students under 21 will also require temporary car insurance.

Below you can find our recommendations for the best temporary car insurance providers for students under 21.

Temporary car insurance provider Policy term Standard excess
Insuredaily 1 day to 28 days £250
Dayinsure 1 day to 28 days £250
Veygo 1 hour to 30 days Varies
Cuvva 1 hour to 28 days Varies
Insure4aday 1 day to 28 days £250


Insuredaily are specialists when it comes to providing people with short term car insurance.

Choose from one day, one week or one month (28 days) short term cover with Insuredaily, in order to get you to where you need to be without paying the cost of a long term policy.

Get a quote online

Insuredaily make it remarkably easy to obtain your temporary car insurance quote for students under 21.

Their website is easy to use and getting a short term car insurance quote online only takes a matter of seconds. Simply fill in your details with the minimum amount of information required and you can find yourself with plenty of short term car insurance quotes.

Cover for a range of possibilities

Whether you need temporary car insurance in order to add a temporary driver to your policy, you need to arrange cover for a courtesy car or you’re looking to test drive another vehicle, Insuredaily can provide you with a reasonable quote.


  • Cover for varying lengths of time
  • Cover for a whole range of reasons
  • Easy to use online quote system


  • No available discount

Insuredaily are a popular option to go for when it comes to temporary car insurance for students under 21 as they allow you to insure a car for as little as 1 day.


Dayinsure are another great option for temporary car insurance for students under 21. While the minimum age required is 19, they’re still ideal for students to use as most students are aged between 19 and 21 when they first start university.

Comprehensive cover

When you obtain temporary car insurance with Dayinsure, you can rest-assured that you’ll receive fully comprehensive cover.

This means you will be protected the same as you would be with a normal car insurance policy.

Cover from 1 day to 28 days

Whether you need temporary cover for just 1 day, or you need it for up to 4 weeks, Dayinsure can provide you with the cover you need.

You can also choose the option to add other drivers to your temporary policy if needed.


  • Range of cover available
  • Varying lengths of time available
  • Option to add other drivers to your policy


  • Can’t insure if you’re under the age of 19

Dayinsure are a great choice for students under 21 for temporary car insurance as they offer short term cover available up to 28 days.


Veygo are an ideal choice for students under 21 if they’re looking for excellent temporary car insurance.

You can choose the amount of time that you want to be covered for, and you also only have to be 18 in order to qualify for it.

Instant cover available

One of the most unique aspects of Veygo is that you can obtain temporary car insurance almost instantly.

Their quote process won’t take more than five minutes and you could be insured from as little as 1 hour all the way up to 30 days!

Ideal for a range of purposes

If you’re moving away from home to go to university or you just need to borrow your parents’ car for a one-off, Veygo have a range of options to suit your every need.

They also have a flexible payment system for your ease and convenience.


  • Cover from as little as one hour
  • Easy to lend/borrow cars for short term
  • Instant quotes available


  • Varying policy excess

Veygo provide excellent temporary car insurance for students under 21 in just a matter of minutes, so if you’re looking for quick and convenient cover, then Veygo could be the one for you!


Cuvva car insurance also offer students the ability to obtain temporary car insurance from as little as 1 hour all the way to 28 days.

They make it incredibly easy to sign up to their policies and you can choose a temporary policy that suits you and your needs.

Insurance available to learners and licence holders

One great thing about Cuvva is that they offer car insurance to both learner drivers as well as fully licenced drivers.

If you’re aged between 17 and 45 and are learning to drive, then you can get temporary car insurance cover from Cuvva.

Use the app for your convenience

The Cuvva app makes it incredibly easy to obtain your temporary car insurance quote. Simply download the app and sign up and then it’s just a few simple steps to getting your ideal quote!


  • Easy to use app to get your quote
  • Available to learners and licenced drivers
  • Cover starting from just one hour


  • Cover for learner drivers only up to the age of 45

If you’re looking for either learner driver or licenced driver temporary car insurance, then Cuvva are the perfect option for you. They offer a range of policies to suit you, all available at different time periods.


Insure4aday do exactly what they say on the tin; they offer cover from as little as one day all the way up to 28 days of comprehensive cover.

They offer cover to suit various needs and purposes, so whatever you need temporary car insurance for, Insure4aday can find a policy to suit you.

Cover for two drivers

A great benefit of obtaining short term car insurance with Insure4aday is that you can get cover for two drivers.

So whether you need cover for an additional driver on your car, or you need cover for yourself in order to drive someone else’s car, you’ll be able to get the right policy for you.

Added European cover available

If you need it, Insure4aday can provide you with extra comprehensive European cover.

You can also choose to add on third party insurance should you wish to.


  • Range of policy terms available
  • Cover for European car insurance available
  • Standard excess of £250


  • Unable to use any online discounts on your quote

If you’re looking for comprehensive temporary car insurance cover then Insure4aday could be a good option for you, especially if you’re looking to drive through Europe as well.

What you need to know

Obtaining temporary car insurance for students under 21 doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process; as long as you’re equipped with the necessary documents and information then you could be well on your way to driving a car under temporary insurance in no time!

What does it offer?

Temporary car insurance can provide a number of excellent features for students under 21, who require the use of a car for a short period of time.

Here are just some of the things that a temporary car insurance policy offers:

  • Peace of mind that you’re fully insured
  • Cover for up to 30 days in advance
  • Immediate cover from when you’ve purchased your policy
  • Daily insurance, cover for just one day or weekly insurance options
  • Additional extras available for cover for the likes of alloy wheels, dents, misfuelling and scratches

Reasons for temporary car insurance for students under 21

There are many different reasons why a student under 21 may require temporary car insurance, find out some of the reasons below:

  • Test driving a new (or first) car
  • Making a business trip for a job
  • Driving to a different city for a job interview
  • Moving into student accommodation and need the use of a bigger car (such as your parents’’)
  • Practise driving in someone else’s car
  • Taking a road trip with friends and need a bigger car

How does it work?

Temporary car insurance can be useful in the event of an emergency whereby you urgently need the use of someone else’s car. It can also be ideal for students under 21 who are moving into university and require the use of their parents car.

It’s an easy process to carry out, and you can quickly arrange a policy to begin from the moment you’ve bought it. You’ll need to provide the car insurance provider with relevant details such as:

  • Your name and address
  • Driving licence and relevant documents
  • Details of your desired car
  • How long you want to be covered for, including the date and time you want the policy to begin and end

Conclusion – temporary car insurance for students under 21

Whether you’re moving away from home to university and need to get temporary car insurance in order to transport your belongings to your new home, or you just want to borrow someone else’s car for the day, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Make sure you do the necessary research in order to get the best possible cover for yourself. You also need to be aware of exactly what you’ll be covered for, as well as all the information that you’ll be required to provide your car insurance provider with.


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