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People like to believe that they have the best pet insurance for their faithful companions and we are here to help.

The great thing about the best pet insurance is that you know you are doing the right thing by your faithful companions.

Everyone knows that having a pet is not a one-sided relationship and that they look to their owners to give them a decent standard of living.

Yet we also know that the cost of vets and animal care has risen so dramatically over the last number of years, that the purchase and keeping of a pet is potentially the smallest amount of cost involved. Because should a pet become ill, the vets bills soon mount up and few people have the heart to not give their pets the best chance in life.

So, if you want the best pet insurance for your dogs, cats, or other types, then rest assured we have the basic work for you.

We have picked only the best pet insurance companies.

  • Flexibility of Cover – the best polices are those that have a high degree of flexibility built in
  • Cover Vets Fees – we have picked those companies which cover fees to the tune of between £4,000 and £7,000 in vets fees
  • Limit of Illness Cover – most policies have an Illness Limit clause, so we have gone for the £1,000 mark
  • Limit of Treatment Cover – we’ve chosen policies which do not step in and limit the amount of treatment cover provided
  • Pets Comes To – vets overseas are as expensive, if not more than the UK, so we look for companies that have provided the necessary cover
  • Extras – we like polices that think about the other issues which might crop up, such as care if you are away, or your pet goes missing
  • Customer First – we place those highest on the list who provide the best possible cover.

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