Pet insurance for pre-existing conditions - Best Money Saver

29th November 2018by Joanna White

A pre-existing condition with regards to your pet is an injury, illness or symptom that you’ve noticed on your pet before your waiting period has ended. The waiting period involves the amount of time you have to wait before your pet is covered on their pet insurance.

All pets require pet insurance in order to keep them well-protected and covered in the event of an accident or incident.

However, very few pet insurances actually cover your pet for pre-existing conditions. In the table below, you can find our round-up of the pet insurance providers that cover you and your pet for ongoing/pre-existing conditions.

Pet insurance New cover starts from age: Maximum vet fees Discounts available
VetsMediCover 8 weeks £10,000 per year 25% online
Bought By Many 4 weeks £7,000 per condition 15% multi-pet discount
Petplan 6 weeks £12,000 per year 10% online & multi-pet discount
Co-op 6 weeks £5,000 per year 20% online & multi-pet discount
Lifetime Pet Cover 8 weeks £10,000 per year Multi-pet discount


This pet insurance provider is one of the industry’s leading specialists when it comes to making sure your beloved furry friend is well covered.

With a choice of four levels of cover, online discounts available and cover for pre-existing medical conditions, VetsMediCover should definitely be one of the top contenders for your pet’s insurance policy.

£10,000 per year cover

Vet bills can soon rack up if your pet is often unwell so with VetsMediCover, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll have £10,000 worth of cover for your vet bills each year.

Ongoing conditions that your pet suffers from will also be covered by VetsMediCover, giving you piece of mind that you don’t have to shell out lots of money to cover hefty vet bills.

Four levels of cover

As well as covering you for your vet bills, VetsMediCover also offer four different levels of cover for your pet.

Choose from their silver, gold, platinum or diamond cover that will ensure your pet is looked after in every eventuality.


  • Vet fees covered
  • Optional extras
  • Cover for pre-existing and ongoing conditions


  • The silver policy only covers your pet for 12 months

VetsMediCover are one of the best in the business when it comes to pet insurance. They offer a vast range of different cover options so that you can rest-assured you and your pet will be covered in almost every situation.

Bought By Many

Bought By Many is another great choice if you’re looking for pet insurance that covers you for pre-existing medical conditions.

They also have numerous offers available which allows you to save money on your pet insurance which is always an added bonus!

15% multi-pet discount

Of one the great advantages of choosing Bought By Many as your pet insurance provider is that they offer a 15% multi-pet discount.

This means if you insure multiple pets on the same policy, then you’ll receive 15% off the quoted price!

Snap Claims

Their unique way of claiming on your pet insurance makes it so easy and convenient.

Bought By Many have introduced their ‘Snap Claims’ system which allows you to make claims online without the need for any unnecessary forms or hassle.


  • Cover for past medical issues and conditions
  • Comprehensive cover that will put your mind at ease


  • No online discount available, only multi-pet discount

Bought By Many are a customer favourite for a reason when it comes to insuring your pet.

With their pre-existing conditions cover, you can be assured that your pet will be well-looked after, even if they suffer before you take out your insurance policy.


Petplan offer a plethora of excellent features to ensure that your favourite furry friend is covered and protected.

From Petplan’s no penalty for claiming policy, to cover for various different conditions, they are one of the industry’s specialists for a reason.

‘UK’s Most Trusted Pet Insurance’

Petplan have been voted as the ‘Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider’ at the Customer Service Awards in 2017.

They’ve also achieved Defaqto five-star rating for their incredible pet insurance, so you can rest-assured that your pet will be in good hands with Petplan.

Multi-pet discount

Alongside their incredible offer of 10% off online, Petplan also offer you the chance to receive their multi-pet discount too!

This means that you can save money in multiple ways, which is always an added bonus!


  • Lots of discounts available
  • Award-winning providers
  • 97% of claims are paid


  • Two types of cover to choose from can be confusing

Petplan are able to provide you with excellent customer service, cover for pre-existing conditions and plenty of discounts for you to enjoy!


Co-op pet insurance offers cover from as early as 6 weeks all the way up until 10 years for your pet.

You can obtain many features and benefits by taking your pet insurance out with Co-op.

20% off discount

You can enjoy receiving 20% off your pet insurance quote when you buy your pet insurance online through Co-op.

This discount is available for the first year only but is still a great way to save some money on your pet insurance.

Optional extras

As well as numerous polices such as their classic and lifetime cover, Co-op pet insurance also offer many optional extras for you to add on to your policy.

These include the likes of pet travel and cover for loss by theft or straying.


  • Cover from a young age for your pet
  • 20% online discount


  • Your premium can change
  • Online discount only available for your first year

Co-op are one of the best pet insurance providers as they can assist you with all your queries about the type of policy you need for your pet.

They will also ensure that you get the right cover for you, and even offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

Lifetime Pet Cover

Lifetime Pet Cover does what it says on the tin; it covers your pet for the entirety of its life.

It’s the most comprehensive type of pet insurance and offers cover for vet fees as well as cover for pre-existing conditions.

Travel cover and third-party liability

Just some of the amazing benefits of Lifetime Pet Cover is that they cover your pet for travel trips as well as third-party liability.

This means that your pet is fully covered while you’re travelling as well as if anything happens to them due to a third party.


Lifetime Pet Cover are also an award-winning pet insurance service.

In 2018, they won the ‘Best Pet Insurance Provider’ award by the Insurance Choice Awards, so you know that they’re an incredibly trustworthy and reputable brand.


  • Cover for pre-existing conditions
  • No upper age limit for pets


  • You must not have claimed for 24 months for a particular condition in order to be covered for Lifetime Cover

Lifetime Pet Cover are an excellent choice if you’re looking to cover your pet for every eventuality.

They offer you cover for the likes of travel, death and dental treatment for accidents and illnesses.

Things to remember

Obtaining pet insurance for pre-existing medical conditions can often be hard to do as many providers are reluctant to cover your pet for a condition that they already have.

However, there are some pet insurance providers that will be happy to cover your pet for pre-existing conditions; you just have to remember to look out for a few things.

Insure your pet when they’re young

One of the best ways to make sure that your beloved pet is always covered is by insuring your pet when they’re as young as possible.

This way, you won’t have to struggle to find the right policy later on in their life if they contract a disease or illness.

Curable illnesses

If your pet suffers from what an insurance provider deems as ‘curable’, then that particular condition may be removed from your pet’s list of pre-existing conditions if they no longer suffer from it.

Such illnesses could include the likes of vomiting, diarrhoea or fever.

What you have to declare

There are two main types of pre-existing medical conditions that you’ll have to declare to your pet insurance provider.

These are chronic conditions and historic conditions.

Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions involve the ongoing problems that your pet is suffering from at the time that you take your pet insurance policy out.

These may include the likes of heart conditions.

Historic conditions

Historic conditions are the conditions that your pet no longer suffers from (but once did). These could include healed tissue injuries suffered by your pet, or illnesses that they no longer suffer from.

Conclusion – pet insurance for ongoing-pre-existing conditions

It can be relatively difficult to find pet insurance that covers your pet for pre-existing conditions as many providers are often reluctant.

However, the list featured above shows a detailed explanation of our best recommendations for the pet insurances that do offer this type of cover, so you can choose from the very best in the business!

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