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About M&S Travel Insurance

  • No upper age limit for a single trip policy
  • Up to £10 million medical emergency cover
  • Cover for major incidents and travel disruption included with all policies
  • Cover for cruise holidays included
  • Save 10% when you buy a new policy online.

M&S Travel Insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.

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When you book a holiday you don’t plan for things to go wrong. You plan to explore exciting new places and cultures and come back with some wonderful memories. However, a lot can go wrong on your travels and while many of these things cannot be avoided and are out of your control, you can protect yourself with travel insurance. M&S offers travel insurance for both single and multitrip and all policies offer a wealth of cover against those unexpected events that can leave you out of pocket. Whether you are planning a trip around the world or across the English Channel, M&S travel insurance provides peace of mind cover and a wide range of benefits.

Our Review of M&S Travel Insurance

At Best Money Saver, we take the time to research many of the leading insurance products on the market today. M&S, as you would expect from the brand, might not offer the cheapest insurance products on the market, but they do offer high quality products that put the customer first. From travel disruption to medical cover, when you take M&S travel insurance on your trip with you, you can be sure your claim will be handled in a professional manner and result in the best outcome.

So, what does Marks and Spencer travel insurance have to offer and how does it differ from other similar products on the market? Well, you’ll get cover for all the usual things such as emergency medical treatment, missed departure, cancellation, lost documents and personal money. You can also add optional extras such as baggage and winter sports cover depending on your needs.

Select From Single Trip Or Multitrip Travel Insurance – Which Is Right For You?

When you choose a travel insurance policy, you want to be sure you are getting great value for money, so before you purchase a policy ask yourself how many times you plan on going away over the next 12 months. If you only have plans to take a trip once then single trip insurance may be the best option for you. If you are not sure or you already have more trips in mind, a multitrip policy will provide you with cover throughout the year no matter how many times you travel or where your travels take you. Let’s take a look at those policies in more detail so that you can decide which suits you and see what your money gets you.

Why Choose A Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy From M&S?

If you’re planning on taking a one-off holiday or business trip, an M&S single trip policy will typically be cheaper than purchasing a multitrip policy. Single trip policies are priced depending on where you plan to travel and what you will do when you are there. For example, if you’re simply going to be strolling through the streets of Rome, you can just choose a standard policy. However, if you plan on taking on the black runs in the French Alps, you should ensure you and your equipment is covered by upgrading to winter ski cover.

Single trip travel insurance from M&S provides you with the following cover:

Medical cover

M&S single trip travel insurance covers you for the cost of any medical treatment you receive for unforeseen illnesses and injuries for up to £10 million. You’ll also be covered or a number of activities and sports, from elephant riding to mountain biking. 

Cover for travel disruption

Sometimes, even the best laid plans can go wrong. If you miss your scheduled flight or your transport is delayed due to strike action, bad weather or even volcanic ash, M&S covers you or any travel disruption you experience. Also, if you get to your destination and find that your accommodation is uninhabitable and you need to be moved to a different hotel, M&S will cover you for that too.

Personal liability and legal expenses

An illness or injury can occur when you least expect on holiday and can be especially devastating when it is the result of somebody else’s actions. That’s when travel insurance comes into its own. M&S travel insurance will cover any legal costs up to £25,000 and also provide personal liability cover up to £2 million should you damage somebody’s property or injure somebody.

Optional extras worth considering

There may be times when you need to tailor your policy to suit the kind of trip you have planned or when you need cover for other items. M&S offers the freedom to add baggage and winter sports cover if you need it.

Always be honest

When completing your travel insurance quote it is important to be honest about the activities you will be partaking in and any underlying illnesses that may cause a problem while you are away. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a hospital in the Alps without winter sports medical cover or unable to claim back for treatment you required while away because you didn’t include it on your form.

Why Choose A Multitrip Travel Insurance Policy From M&S?

When you are planning on taking lots of trips, whether for business or pleasure, an M&S multitrip policy is what you need. You can take as many holidays as you like (up to 31 days in total per trip) during the year and know that you’ll be covered for the unexpected.

Multitrip travel insurance from M&S provides you with the following cover:

  • Cancelling or coming home early
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Personal money and documents
  • Cover for travel disruption
  • Up to £2 million personal liability
  • Legal assistance and expenses

One of the best things about purchasing a multitrip policy is that once you are covered you are covered for 12 months. That’s great if you love to be spontaneous and grab last minute deals or you have lots of business travel on the horizon. Remember, as with most M&S products, you won’t get the cheapest deal here, but what you will get is a high quality product that is underwritten by Aviva, one of the leading insurers in the world. Sometimes, it pays to invest in the best insurance, especially if you are likely to travel often or to places that are riskier than others.

Marks and Spencer Travel Insurance – What’s Covered?

Unlike many of the other insurance products in the M&S range, M&S travel insurance does not come in tiered options (standard or premium, for example) and instead offers the same features across both single and multitrip policies. We recommend looking at other products alongside M&S insurance to see how they compare on both cost and cover.

Travel Insurance Feature Cover Amount
Emergency medical treatment
  • up to £10,000,000
Cancelling or coming home early
  • up to £6,000
Missed departure
  • up to £600
Travel delay
  • £25 if you are delayed for 12 hours
Accidental death or disability
  • up to £25,000
Personal liability
  • up to £2,000,000
Legal assistance and legal costs
  • up to £25,000
Lost documents
  • up to £250
Personal money
  • up to £250
OPTIONAL – Baggage
  • up to £2,500
OPTIONAL – Winter sports
  • up to £500 for loss or damage of ski equipment

Buy Travel Insurance With Confidence

When you need quick, reliable and logical advice on the best travel insurance products on the market, come to Best Money Saver. We are constantly updating our website with the latest information regarding some of the industry’s leading products on the market today. It means you can sit back and read our reviews, make an informed decision and request quotes all from one handy website. M&S travel insurance is one of the best products on the market right now and in addition to discounts and other inventives often offered, will give you outstanding cover when and where you need it the most.

Travel insurance is one of the most important considerations no matter where your travels take you and will ensure you and your family are protected against the unexpected and often expensive mishaps that can occur abroad. Why not request a quote today? You might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a premium quality travel insurance product can be.

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