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24th January 2019by Joanna White

A red weather warning is the most serious kind of weather warning available; it suggests that the weather conditions are so severe that driving in them should be avoided at all costs.

However, some people believe that driving in such conditions cannot be avoided all the time, especially if they must go to work or attend an important meeting. While the Met Office would strongly advise against driving when a red weather warning has been issued, it is not actually illegal to do so.

This post talks about the questions that many people face during red weather conditions, particularly ‘is your car insured in a red weather warning?’.

What you need to know – is your car insured in a red weather warning?

Depending on the exact type of insurance policy you have, and who your provider is, your policy should remain the same regardless of the weather conditions.

However, that’s not to say that you should just go ahead and drive off in a red weather warning anyway; precautions must still be taken in order to stay as safe as possible.

Whether your car is insured in a red weather warning largely depends on the factors contributing to whether you need to make a claim.

For example, if there was a red weather warning in place and there were plenty of signs and acknowledgements in place discouraging you from driving in a certain area, but you went ahead and did it anyway, then your insurance provider could prove that you were responsible for contributory negligence.

This means that despite several warnings against driving in such conditions, you still went ahead and drove anyway. If you were then involved in, or caused a crash due to these circumstances, then your claim could be invalid if your insurer feels that you should have avoided the accident at all costs by not driving.

Keeping your car insurance valid in read weather warnings

If you have comprehensive car insurance, or even third-party cover, then you should be covered in the event of damage or injury caused as a result of the treacherous road conditions.

It’s important to remember however, that you must always ensure that you’re driving in a safe and responsible manner, especially in such severe weather conditions.

Take extra care when turning corners or driving around roundabouts, and make sure you leave plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you as braking conditions and stopping distances are much more severe in bad weather.

Your car insurance will cover you in the event of accidents on the road, but they won’t cover you in a red weather warning for the likes of neglect or carelessness.

For example, if you leave your car running in order to defrost it but you go back inside your house and someone steals your car, then you may not be able to claim on your insurance as they will deem it as irresponsibility.

You could also be faced with a fine if you leave your car unattended while it defrosts on a public road as the Highway Code states that you must not leave your car unattended.

If you always avoid negligence and remain responsible when driving in a red weather warning, then there should be no reason for your car not to be insured during these conditions.

What is a red weather warning?

A red weather warning is the most serious type of weather warning that is issued by the Met Office; it implies that the weather could be so serious that danger could arise, and people must stay away from those areas that are deemed to be affected.

It’s usually used with regards to snow, which implores people not to drive in such conditions as they could face danger. Furthermore, due to the extreme weather conditions many places such as schools, shops and even public transport may be closed or seriously delayed.

The Met Office would advise against travelling in these conditions, and you should only travel if it’s absolutely necessary.

Conclusion – is your car insured in a red weather warning?

A red weather warning can be dangerous for many reasons; it makes the roads dangerous, it shuts down schools and offices and it can even delay or stop public transport from operating altogether.

When it comes to car insurance in a red weather warning, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll still be covered, providing that you take the appropriate amount of care so as not to invalidate your policy.

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