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22nd May 2018by Neil Martin0

With flight prices and other general holiday costs rising, many people – especially families – are considering taking holidays at home rather than heading abroad. Do you still need travel insurance if you aren’t leaving the country?

Staycations are increasing in popularity every year, but one cost that many travellers think they can avoid on a home holiday is travel insurance. Unfortunately this may not be the best option. If you are travelling more than 50 miles from home you can buy travel insurance – and it is a sensible thing to consider.

Unexpected problems can be costly on holiday. This is true whether you are taking a 10 hour train ride or a two hour car journey. Luggage can still be stolen, transport delays can still occur, and cancellations can disrupt your plans. Being forced to cancel a trip, or having accommodation cancelled on you, can make your staycation much more expensive than expected.

Travel insurance doesn’t just cover plane rides. Trains, ferries and coaches can also be covered by your insurance policy. This would be particularly helpful if caught up in delays or cancellations, as many of these companies don’t offer refunds if they consider the situation to have been beyond their control: weather, strikes etc.

No matter where in the world you go on holiday you are no doubt going to be packing things that you wouldn’t want to lose. Whether that’s valuable jewellery or electronic devices, a top of the range bicycle or your passport, you still need to make sure they are covered even for a staycation. Check your travel insurance policy small print though, as things like expensive electronic devices may need to be additional add-ons.

Travel insurance should be a consideration no matter how far you travel. Most travel insurance policies require you to have travelled more than 50 miles for more than a weekend, and that you are staying somewhere aside from a family member’s residence.

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