Insurance Providers

When looking out for the best insurance deals, it’s not just looking out for the most appropriate deals, it’s also having a look at the providers themselves.

The team at bestmoneysaver has taken a close look at all the major providers of insurance policies operating in the UK today in the following areas:

  • Home Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Pet Insurance

It has assessed the providers with a number of criteria:

  • Company Name and Reputation
  • Who Ultimately Underwrites the Policies
  • Discounts for Online Purchases
  • What’s On Offer In Terms of The Policy
  • Depth of the Policy
  • Number of Optional Extras
  • Levels of Cover Provided
  • Exceptions and Clauses
  • Promises Matched With Delivery
  • Customer Feedback

After considering each of the above points, the team at bestmoneysaver then puts together a list of companies who it believes it can recommend to its users.