How to make money as a travel blogger

30th December 2018by Best Money Saver

To make a living online is becoming more and more desirable for people all over the world. When you combine the ability to work online from a remote location and turn that work into being able to become a travel blogger, then the possibilities of travelling really do seem endless.

While it’s certainly not an easy road to becoming a travel blogger, once you’ve established your name in the industry and created a brand for yourself, you’ll soon find a plethora of opportunities at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for ways on how to make money as a travel blogger, then this guide will provide you with all the information you need to make your dreams a reality!

How to make money as a travel blogger

Once you’ve got the hard stuff out of the way such as setting up your blog, writing posts, networking on social media and building up a generous following and readership, then you can start to think about making money as a travel blogger.

You definitely don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of followers in order to start making money as a travel blogger, but generally speaking, the greater your blog’s readership, the easier it is to make money.

Take a look at the list below for some ideas on how to make money as a travel blogger, this will no doubt help your travel money stretch further.

One of the most popular and common ways to make money as a travel blogger is through sponsored blog posts or guest posts.

This is a relatively simple way to make money, in that a brand or company pay you to insert a link or two into one of your posts on your travel blog.

There’s really no set rate for the amount of money you can earn this way; some bloggers may charge £20 for a link whereas some more established bloggers could charge £2,000 for a sponsored post!

Affiliate links

Affiliate links are another popular means of making money for travel bloggers. While this may involve a little more work in the initial set up process, once all the code and systems are in place to make it work, you can pretty much count this method as ‘passive income’.

This way of making money essentially involves a tracking link that the travel blogger uses whenever they mention a certain brand or product in their blog post.

Most of the time, they make money through commission which is a result of people clicking on these links and going on to buy the product or service that the blogger recommended.

If you have lots of traffic to your travel blog, then this can be a great way of making money; as the more readers to click on your links, the more money you’re likely to make.

Brand ambassadorship

Brand ambassadorships aren’t quite as common as some other methods on this list, but they can still be a great way of making money as a travel blogger.

Becoming a brand ambassador for a particular business can include many different aspects and usually the contracts and terms and conditions are negotiated between the blogger and the brand.

For example, included within your brand ambassador contract, you may be required to produce two sponsored blog posts per month, as well as numerous social media campaigns and possibly even attending events.

This can be a great way of making a consistent amount of income as a travel blogger, as if you have a well-established relationship with a certain brand, then they might want to work with you on more projects in the future.

Selling your own products

Another way to make money as a travel blogger is to create and sell your own products.

You could create an eBook or an online course that people can take part in; these can be quite time consuming to create and market to your audience but as they’re your own products, you’re fully in charge of them.

If you’re a travel blogger with expertise in a particular niche such as ‘budget backpacking’ or ‘luxury hotels’, then you can create an eBook full of all your expert advice and tips that you can then sell online.

Paid advertising is yet another form of income for travel bloggers that once it’s been set up, it can run as passive income.

It involves placing adverts on your travel blog that are usually hosted by advertising platforms such as Google or Mediavine, and then when someone clicks on that ad, you’ll earn a percentage of the commission.

These aren’t the most popular way of making money as its success often relies on having a large readership and many readers can find lots of ads intrusive.

If you manage to strike a good balance however, then paid advertising can be a great way to make money as a travel blogger.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is somewhat similar to sponsored posts, but the posts you write aren’t usually for your own travel blog.

Generally speaking, a travel blogger can make money through freelance writing by creating posts for other websites and brands. The work they do is then hosted on another site, but they can still get paid for the posts that they’ve written.

Social media campaigns

Social media campaigns are increasingly popular amongst many bloggers, including travel bloggers, as they can be relatively easy to carry out, but can reap many rewards.

This way of making money as a travel blogger can either be done on its own or as part of a sponsored blog post or brand ambassadorship campaign.

A brand may pay the travel blogger to promote their sponsored post on Twitter and Facebook once it’s gone live. They may also pay for a travel blogger to create Instagram posts, either as a one-off post or for an ongoing campaign.

The amount of money that a travel blogger can earn from this method of making money varies enormously as it often largely depends on the number of followers that a travel blogger has.

Paid press trips can also be a great way for travel bloggers to make money as it allows them to go on a paid-for press trip; which basically means that they’re being paid to travel!

These are becoming increasingly popular amongst travel bloggers as they’re such great opportunities for a brand to advertise their product or service, and the blogger gets the ability to be paid for promoting travel services!

Conclusion – how to make money as a travel blogger

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make money as a travel blogger then there’s nowhere else to look other than this list!

There are so many amazing ways to make money as a travel blogger, that will allow you to achieve your nomadic lifestyle dream. Whether you want to get into the more creative side of making money by writing sponsored blog posts and creating social media campaigns, or you’d prefer to adopt the more passive approach to making money by using affiliate marketing, there really are so many possibilities.

It’s not easy to begin a travel blogging career but once you’re established, you could make a great living from it!

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