How much money to travel Europe for 1 month?

30th December 2018by Best Money Saver

Travelling to Europe can be such an amazing adventure to embark on, and depending on exactly where you’re planning to visit, you’ll need a decent travel budget to ensure you can do everything that you want to.

How much money you’ll need to travel Europe for 1 month will depend on which countries you’re going to, your level of luxury that you want to experience as well as what activities you plan on doing while away.

How much money to travel Europe for 1 month

When planning a trip to Europe, you’ll have to budget for a number of different things including your accommodation, transport and food and drink. You’ll also have to think about any activities you may want to take part in.


One of the most important and expensive costs you can expect to incur when travelling in Europe for 1 month is the cost of your accommodation.

Of course, it largely depends on the type of travelling experience you want while in Europe. If you’re planning to have more of a backpacking experience where you stay in hostels and dormitories, then you won’t have to budget quite as much for your accommodation.

If you want to stay in fancier hotels and apartments however, then you can expect to need more money set aside for your accommodation while travelling Europe.


Depending where you’re travelling from/to on your trip to Europe, the cost of transport is likely to be the most expensive cost you will incur.

However, once you’ve landed in Europe (if you had to fly there), you can expect your transport costs to be relatively low. Many cities in Europe are accessible by foot or by public transport such as trams or buses.

If you’re backpacking in Europe, you’re likely going to want to keep your budget as low as possible so keeping transport costs low is very important.

Even large cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and Budapest can be deemed as walkable but of course, there is ample public transport to take advantage of too.


Food and drink in Europe, depending which countries you go to, will also be remarkably cheap. Eastern European countries such as Czech Republic and Hungary are considered to be very affordable when it comes to food and drink, even if you’re eating out in restaurants.

If you stay in hostels, then they can often include a free basic breakfast meal within the cost of your overnight stay.

In order to keep food and drink costs down as much as possible, consider purchasing food from local supermarkets and then making your own food as and when you can.


Sightseeing activities can be incredibly expensive in Europe, especially in the most popular cities such as Paris and London.

In the largest cities in Europe, you can expect attractions and famous landmark costs to be remarkably high, so if you’re desperate to do all the popular activities, you must ensure you factor the cost of these into your budget.

However, there are also many free activities and free walking tours to enjoy in many places all over Europe, which can definitely help to keep costs down.

Eastern Europe

Countries in Eastern Europe are generally much more affordable for budget travellers as food, drink and accommodation is cheaper than countries in Western Europe.

Beer is also remarkably affordable in many countries as it’s quite often made and distributed from countries in Eastern Europe.

The table below shows various countries in Eastern Europe and what you can expect from the daily average costs of visiting there.

Country in Eastern Europe Average daily cost
Poland £35
Czech Republic £40
Hungary £40
Slovakia £40
Croatia £35


Western Europe

Western Europe is considered to be more expensive to travel to as opposed to Eastern Europe as the countries there are more commercialised and often more ‘popular’.

You’ll find the likes of London, Berlin and Paris in Western Europe, all of which are incredibly popular with tourists on weekend breaks, as well as travellers for longer periods of time.

This popularity means that places in these cities charge much more money, thus making it more expensive for budget travellers to visit.

Country in Western Europe Average daily cost
Germany £55
Italy £60
Belgium £70
France £70
Iceland £100


Conclusion – how much money to travel Europe for 1 month

As you can see how much money you need to travel for 1 month in Europe really does depend where exactly you’re travelling to as the average daily costs differ enormously.

Eastern European travel is considered to be much cheaper than countries in Western Europe as food, drink and accommodation isn’t nearly as expensive.

If you’re wanting to embark on a 1 month European trip on a backpacker style budget, then Eastern Europe will probably be a better option for you. However, that doesn’t mean to say that countries in Eastern Europe are any less enjoyable to visit.

A 1 month trip to Europe can be an incredible adventure; as long as you’ve budgeted accordingly to the places that you’re visiting then you’re bound to have an amazing European trip!

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