How much is pet insurance for a cat?

5th February 2019by Joanna White

While dogs may hold the majority of household’s pet in the UK, cats come in at a very close second, making them truly beloved pets for many people.

Cats may not take up as much room, or immediate attention like dogs do, but there’s still a great responsibility that comes with being a cat owner. You must ensure that they’re well fed, watered and that they receive the appropriate veterinary attention as and when required.

If you’re wondering how much is pet insurance for a cat, and whether you truly need it, take a look at this guide for more information.

What you need to know – how much is pet insurance for a cat?

Owning a cat means that you’re committing to looking after a furry little creature for the entirety of its life. One of the main responsibilities that you’ll be accountable for is making sure that your cat has appropriate pet insurance.

Veterinary costs can reach extortionate levels for some types of treatment so if you want to ensure your cat’s health and safety, without paying incredibly high vet bills, then there are several things you should be aware of.

The price of cat insurance is dependant on many factors including the cat’s age, where you live, the type of policy you choose and even where you live! The cheapest pet insurance policies for cats can start at around £30-£35 per year but can sometimes reach as much as £300 a year to insure the purest breeds of cat!

Breed of cat

The breed of cat that you have will largely influence the price you pay for your pet insurance. Sphynx cats are usually the most expensive breed of cat to insure; at around £330 a year, simply because they’re such a unique and rare breed of cat.

Domestic Shorthairs (one of the most common types of housecat) are typically the cheapest breed of cat to insure.

Where you live

Many people don’t realise that location plays a part in determining how much you’ll pay for your pet insurance for your cat.

As the cost of vets and vet bills vary in different parts of the country, you can also expect the price of your car insurance to vary as well, depending on where you live.

London and the South East have the highest cost of pet insurance for cats, whereas Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire have some of the cheapest.

Age of your cat

The age of your cat is another factor to consider when looking to obtain pet insurance for your cat. Some insurance companies will impose upper and lower age limits, whereby you won’t be accepted for a valid pet insurance policy.

You might not be able to insure your cat once it reaches a certain age, and it’s also important to know that even if you purchase lifetime or annual cover, your cat may stop being covered when they turn a certain age.

Lifetime policy

Choosing a lifetime insurance policy for your cat does exactly what it says in the name; it will provide insurance cover for your cat for the entirety of its life.

Lifetime insurance policies are more expensive but they’re much more comprehensive as they cover your cat for as long as is necessary; there is no time limit on the duration of your claim.

Annual cat insurance policy

Annual policies on the other hand, tend to be cheaper and only last for up to 12 months. During that time, your cat is protected, and you’ll be able to make a claim for any veterinary bill costs incurred during that period.

While annual policies are typically cheaper than lifetime policies, it also means that if your cat develops a health condition that they require treatment for, for longer than a year, then they won’t be covered under an annual policy once the 12 months is up.

Conclusion – how much is pet insurance for a cat?

Cat insurance is an important thing to have if you want to ensure that your cat is well-looked after and covered in every eventuality.

While it might not be the cheapest investment, it’s still one that’s worth making in order to provide the best possible care for your furry friend. Take care when making the decision between a lifetime policy or an annual policy.