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24th January 2019by Joanna White

Car insurance is a hefty cost to pay anyway, without the inconvenience of it being increased even further by having 3 points added to your driving licence.

Unfortunately, however, just a mere 3 points on your licence could see your car insurance premiums rise, meaning that not only do you have to face the consequences of having points on your licence, you now must pay even more money for your car insurance.

In this guide you’ll find out how much does 3 points increase car insurance, as well as how to prevent it from happening.

What you need to know – how much does 3 points increase car insurance?

Points on your driving licence are ‘awarded’ to those who commit motoring offences such as drink driving or speeding.

The reason that having points on your licence increases your car insurance is that your insurance company now regards you as more at risk to commit another crime, or even to make a claim due to an accident you may experience due to your recklessness.

It’s thought that just one to three points on your licence could increase your car insurance policy by £25 a year. While that might not seem like a drastic amount, when you consider just how expensive car insurance is anyway, you really don’t want to have to be paying more than necessary.

Of course, the more points you have on your driving licence, the more you’ll have to pay for your car insurance. Drivers with 10-11 points on their licence are thought to pay up to 82% more for their car insurance; an eye-wateringly high amount of money considering just how expensive insurance is without it being increased even further.

How to prevent yourself from getting points on your driving licence

It naturally goes without saying that the best way to avoid getting points on your licence is simply not to commit any driving related crimes.

However, we appreciate that it’s much easier said than done, and you may not actually be aware of exactly the types of things that you can get points on your licence for.

Some road related crimes and incidents may result in a small fine and you being required to attend a driving awareness course, but sometimes fines just won’t cut it and you may be faced with points on your licence.

Drive cautiously

It goes without saying that you should always be a careful and cautious driver anyway, but once you receive points on your licence, you’re perceived to be more at risk by your insurance provider. In order to try and combat this and prevent you from getting any more points, you should always take care when driving.

This involves not speeding, never drink driving and being an all-around safe and careful driver.

Opt for the speed awareness course

If you do commit a road related crime and you’re faced with either a fine and a speed awareness course, or having points on your licence, then it’s always advisable to opt for the fine and course.

While you may have to pay out for your fine and spend the day taking part in a speed awareness course, it means that you won’t have any points on your licence; which means the cost of your car insurance premiums won’t increase.

Shop around for cheaper alternatives

If you do receive points on your licence, then chances are that your car insurance will increase.

However, once your current insurance policy is up, you’ll be able to look around for another, cheaper alternative.

It’s often said that having points on your licence can dissuade insurance companies from offering you insurance but that’s very rarely the case unless you have many points on your licence.

Once your current policy has ended, consider looking around for another insurance provider who may be able to offer you cheaper car insurance, despite you having points on your licence.

Conclusion – how much does 3 points increase car insurance?

Having 3 points on your licence can cause your car insurance to increase by about £25 a year. While this figure may be different for each insurance provider, it’s still a cost that you always want to avoid.

Not only that but having points on your licence makes you more susceptible to risk and to make claims in the eyes of your insurer, who may decide that any claims you do make, could potentially be due to your own personal negligence.

It’s important to drive as safely and carefully as possible at all times, in order to avoid having points on your licence. Car insurance is so expensive as it is, without the need for increased premiums as a result of driving errors and crimes.

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