How Can I Check My Car Insurance Claims History?

1st December 2018by Joanna White

Whenever you go to get a car insurance quote from a new provider, you may be asked to present information about your car insurance claims history.

However, you might not be able to remember exactly when, or what, your last claim on your insurance was. Therefore, there are numerous ways to check your car insurance claims history if you need to provide the information to a new insurer, or you just want to check for yourself.

Ways to check your car insurance claims history

There are several ways that you can check your car insurance claims history. It might have been years since you last made a claim and you may not remember when exactly it was.

It may have even been so long ago that you can’t even recall what exactly it was you claimed for. If you do need to check the history of your car insurance claims, then there are a number of ways that you can go about doing this.

Contact your current insurer

The first (and probably easiest) way to check your car insurance claims history is to contact your current insurance provider.

They can provide you with a letter of experience, which is a letter stating how long you’ve been with your current provider, the dates of any claims you’ve made and the settlement amounts, plus many other things, including:

  • Policy number
  • Status of your current policy
  • Dates of any claims made
  • The type of claimed made
  • Driver responsible
  • Total pay out
  • Any injuries claimed
  • Many others!

If you don’t want to contact your current insurance provider, or they’re unable to provide you with the necessary information for some reason, then there’s another way that you can go about obtaining your claims history.

CUE database

The CUE database is the Claims and Underwriting Exchange and is an enormous database that holds approximately 34 million records that are related to many types of insurance claims.

The main point of this giant database is to reduce fraud as it allows insurers to access any information about incidents and claims. As there’s just one single, reliable source of data, it means that it’s harder for people to commit fraud and lie about their claims history.

It also allows members of the public to take a look at any claims they may have made on their car insurance.

It’s free to order your report from the CUE database online, or you can call up to speak to an expert who can assist you with any queries you may have.

How does the database affect your car insurance?

As CUE keeps a record of all the claims that are filed, it could mean that your car insurance policy could increase.

This is because your insurance provider may consider you to be more at risk than someone else who hasn’t filed a claim, so they might hike up the cost of your car insurance premium slightly.

If you’ve never been in an incident or accident where you’ve been required to file a claim, then you don’t even need to worry about your claims history (because you won’t have one!).

However, if you have made a claim and it’s filed in the CUE database, then your insurance provider can use it to determine your car insurance policy.

They can use it to determine which ‘rate class’ you’ll fall into. This is the class that insurers use to decide how at risk a driver is. So if you’ve made multiple claims in the past, your car insurance provider may deem you as a more at risk driver.

However, if all of your car insurance claims are old (depending on what the insurer classes as old) then you may still be deemed as low risk if you haven’t had an accident where you’ve made a claim for a long time.

Conclusion – how can I check my car insurance claims history?

If you need to check your car insurance claims history then there are multiple ways that you can go about doing this.

Your first port of call will probably be to contact your current car insurance provider. They’ll be able to provide you with the relevant information you need about any claims you’ve made in the past. They’ll also provide you with a letter of experience to fully validate your previous claims.

The CUE database is also a great way to check your car insurance claims history. Whichever way you decide to check, make sure that all the information is entirely relevant and reliable.

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