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14th November 2018

by Best Money Saver

A Post Office Travel Money Card is an excellent item to have when you’re going on holiday or travelling for an extended period of time. It’s so simple and convenient to use and you can rest-assured that the Post Office team will have a new one sent out to you in the event that it’s lost or stolen while you’re abroad.

26th October 2018

by Best Money Saver

Wherever you’re travelling to in Europe, outside of the U.K., chances are that you’re going to need to exchange your Great British Pounds into Euros. Some countries in Europe have their own form of currency, such as Hungary (Hungary Forint), Croatia (Kuna) and Switzerland (Franc). However, you may actually find that despite these countries not using the Euro as their predominant form of currency, you may still be able to use the Euro in these countries.