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14th November 2018

by Best Money Saver

Money Saving Expert blogger, advice guru and money saving advocate, Martin Lewis, is renowned for offering the best advice on a plethora of different money related topics. He’s known for his advice panels, workshops and most importantly, his website titled ‘Money Saving Expert’.

One of his specialities is talking about and helping people with issues such as travel insurance. In this guide, you’ll be able to find out more about Martin Lewis’ best tips and advice when it comes to cruise travel insurance.

What you need to know

Cruise ship holidays are becoming increasingly popular; whether you’re sailing around Italy’s coast for a few days, or you’re embarking on a Mediterranean cruise for two weeks, you need to ensure that your travel insurance covers you for every eventuality.

Many travel insurance policies will cover you for the likes of theft, medical costs and loss of goods while you’re onboard, but there are also other things you may not be covered for, that you didn’t actually realise about.

Extra cover for:

  • Missed departure – due to the likes of poor weather conditions, strike action from airlines and mechanical issues
  • Itinerary change when onboard the cruise – you could be protected against changes onboard the cruise ship due to the likes of itinerary changes
  • Unused cruise excursions such as day trips or events – in case you have to cancel your trip in an emergency or are no longer able to embark upon cruise excursions
  • Cabin confinement – e.g. being confined to your accommodation due to illness or a virus onboard the cruise

In order to get cover for these, you usually just have to select an add-on to your current travel insurance policy. It’s a good idea to check your current policy (if you have one) as you may already be covered via your current provider. If you need to cancel your cruise holiday or if you require medical treatment onboard, then you must ensure that your travel insurance covers you for these eventualities.

If you don’t currently have travel insurance, then there are many ways to choose the best one for you. Take a look at the brief list below which includes Martin’s best recommendations for comparison sites for travel insurance.

Martin’s recommended comparison sites

The below list shows Martin Lewis’ top recommended comparison sites for searching for travel insurance.


MoneySupermarket is one of the leading comparison sites when it comes to all things insurance. Their travel insurance comparison feature allows you to search for policies that are tailored specifically to you.

You can compare quotes for a variety of travel insurance related products, including policies that include cruise travel insurance.

On, you’re able to compare over 50 travel insures who can ensure that you’ll get the best policy for you. offers travel insurance comparisons for the likes of ski holidays, over 50s, pre-existing medical conditions and cruises.


Gocompare are a universally trusted comparison site for a plethora of uses including car insurance, home insurance, broadband and travel insurance.

You’ll be able to search for the best offers and travel insurance policies that fit into your cruise holiday requirements via Gocompare.

Compare The Market

This well-known insurance comparison site has been made popular through their use of Meerkats in their adverts. However, aside from their gimmicky advertisements, Compare The Market still offer great options to browse through when searching for your ideal travel insurance provider.


You can use Which? Guides to find competitive travel insurance policies that are best suited to your needs.

Their website is easy to use, and you can find all the necessary information that you require to make a well-informed decision about the best travel insurance provider for you.

What’s typically included in a standard travel insurance policy?

While there are obviously many different travel insurance providers and policies to choose from, generally speaking, most of them have a similar standard that they adhere to when it comes to covering you while on holiday.

Personal liability

Personal liability covers you in the event that you damage someone else’s possessions or cause accidental injury to someone.

Medical expenses

This part of the travel insurance policy will cover you for any costs that are incurred should you become unwell while away on holiday and require any treatment or medication.

Emergency assistance

If you are injured on your trip and you need to be brought back to the UK, then the emergency assistance part of your policy will cover you.

Cancellation and delays

Sometimes cancellations and delays can occur when going on holiday, including when going on a cruise so it’s important to be covered for the likes of delayed departures or cancellations.

Baggage and belongings

If your possessions or belongings are lost or stolen while you’re away, then you’ll be covered for this with most standard travel insurance policies.

26th October 2018

by Best Money Saver

Travel insurance is something that everyone should have, regardless of the length of trip you’re planning to embark upon. Without excellent travel insurance, you could face extortionate costs when travelling in the event of an emergency. Things like medical bills, loss of passport, cancelled transport and theft are all factors that could occur while on a trip. While most travel plans do go without any incidents or accidents, it’s still much better to be prepared and fully covered should an unfortunate incident occur. With that in mind, here are some of the best travel insurance providers for 2018, as well as an extensive list of the things you need to consider when purchasing your travel insurance.
Travel Insurance Provider Maximum Medical Cover Maximum Cancellacion Cover Maximum Single Trip Cover Maximum Multi-Trip Annual Cover
Up to £15 million Up to £5,000 365 days 60 day trip limit
Up to £10 million Up to £10,000 120 days 45 day trip limit
Up to £20 million Up to £5,000 365 days 31 day trip limit
Up to £10 million Up to £5,000 365 days 60 day trip limit
Up to £10 million Up to £5,000 90 days 42 day trip limit