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14th November 2018

by Best Money Saver

Royal & Sun Alliance are one of the leading insurance providers in the world, serving over 100 countries with a plethora of different types of insurance. They also underwrite various other insurance providers such as More Than, Tesco and John Lewis.

For more than 305 years, RSA have provided protection and peace of mind to thousands of individuals, families, small and large business corporations.

RSA offer a variety of different types of cover including personal insurance, commercial insurance and pet insurance.

In this guide you’ll find out all about Royal & Sun Alliance’s pet insurance policies and how they can work for you.

Partners of Royal & Sun Alliance pet insurance

  • More Than
  • Argos
  • John Lewis
  • M&S
  • Tesco

What you need to know

When looking to take out pet insurance with RSA, there are a number of things you need to remember and consider. Take a look at the extensive list below for more information on what you need to know.

What exactly is covered?

One of the first (and most important things) to consider when you’re buying your pet insurance from Royal & Sun Alliance, is what exactly you will be covered for with your insurance policy.

Below, you can see the different levels of cover offered by RSA including Accident only, Basic, Classic and Premier. All of these policies will have a standard basis for what they cover with regards to your pet but each one will differ in price, contract length and what exactly you and your pet will be covered for.

You must ensure that your pet is covered for anything you think may cause them harm; things such as emergency cover, dental cover, death from accident plus numerous other things must all be taken into consideration.

Oftentimes, you’ll be able to curate your pet insurance policy so that it perfectly suits the lifestyle of you and your pet.

Length of policy

The length of your pet insurance policy often changes with each insurance provider but most of the umbrella branches of Royal & Sun Alliance all offer a minimum of 12 month policies.

Of course, once the one year is up, you can choose to renew your policy for another 12 months if you feel the need to do so. Many insurance providers will reward their customers who are loyal to their brand and take out policies year after year, and RSA is no exception.

Policy excess fees

Policy excess fees are what you pay towards the cost of a claim with your insurance provider. The different types of excess with also depend on a number of different factors including your type of cover, age and health of your pet. With Royal & Sun Alliance, these can include:

  • Vet fees
  • Third party liability
  • Vet referral excess

How to make a claim

Making a claim through Royal & Sun Alliance pet insurance is remarkably easy. You can choose from a number of different methods when making a claim, including via email, phone call or form submit on their partners’ websites (such as Tesco or More Than).

With the likes of RSA’s partner company, More Than, you can make a claim using their online tool, call up their freephone advice line and track the status of your claim via their website.

It can be good to get both a verbal and written confirmation that your claim has been processed so that you can rest-assured that you’ll be covered for anything your pet needs.

Policy cover levels

Royal & Sun Alliance provide policy cover at many different types of levels; here’s everything you need to know about what you can expect from RSA pet insurance.

  Accident only Basic Classic Premier
Vet fees (up to) ·         See your policy schedule ·         See your policy schedule ·         See your policy schedule ·         See your policy schedule
Treatment period ·         12 months ·         12 months ·         Each condition ·         Each year


Treatment periods from Royal & Sun Alliance pet insurance

When you take out pet insurance with RSA, you can benefit from a number of different policies and treatment periods. Take a look below to see which policy will be the best for you and your pet.

Accident only

  • Treatment for 12 months for each accident, up to a set limit (that you negotiate with RSA)
  • Each accident is covered for 12 months
  • Payments will stop for that accident either when the payment limit is hit, or 12 month period is up


  • Treatment for 12 months for each new medical condition
  • If monetary limit is hit or 12 month period is up (whichever is first), payments will stop for that condition


  • £ limit for each new medical condition
  • Once the limit has been reached, payments will stop


  • Cover for vet fees against illness, disease or injury
  • Limits will be renewed each year as long as you renew your policy with RSA

Other types of RSA policies for you and your pet

  • Death from accident/incident
  • Emergency pet boarding
  • Third party liability
  • Lost and found cover
  • Repeat worming treatment
  • Vet fees

Conclusion – Royal & Sun Alliance pet insurance

Royal & Sun Alliance are a trustworthy and incredibly long-standing insurance provider all over the world. Working with the likes of Tesco, Argos and More Than, RSA have been providing their insurance services for over 300 years!

When it comes to their pet insurance policies, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best value for your money as well as the means to obtain the best cover possible for you and your pet.