Does pet insurance cover dental cleaning?

5th February 2019by Joanna White

Your cat’s or dog’s teeth might not be your first consideration when thinking about their health and their pet insurance policy.

However, the importance of your pet’s teeth is paramount, and cats and dogs require dental treatment just the same as humans do. It’s important therefore, to look for a pet insurance policy that will ensure your pet’s teeth are in good hands.

If you’re wondering does pet insurance cover dental cleaning, then you should check out this guide below for more information.

What you need to know - does pet insurance cover dental cleaning?

Your pet’s teeth carry out a lot of work and need to be protected accordingly. Infections in your cat’s or dog’s teeth and gums can often be commonplace, especially if they like to explore outside a lot. It’s essential to take good care of your pet’s teeth in order to avoid infections and diseases such as mouth ulcers, organ complications and even death as a result of tooth and gum disease.

Things to look out for – does pet insurance cover dental cleaning?

While you may automatically presume that pet insurance covers dental cleaning, it’s not always the case with many insurers, so there are several things you should be aware of.

  • Most pet insurance providers will offer dental cover for accidents
  • Policies between different providers will likely vary enormously, so make sure you check your pet insurance inclusions thoroughly
  • Remember to take your pet for a dental check-up regularly to protect their teeth and gums against infections and disease
  • Look out for multi-pet discounts with dental cover if you have more than one pet

How much does pet dental treatment cost?

If you don’t currently have a comprehensive pet insurance plan in place that offers cover for dental treatment and cleaning, then you may be surprised to discover just how expensive it can be to look after your pet’s teeth.

A simple scale and polish can cost you between £150 and £250; a price that can soon rack up if you need to clean your dog’s or cat’s teeth regularly. It’s important to ensure you find a pet insurer who will include dental cleaning in the price of your plan.

Even something as basic as an X-ray on your pet’s teeth can cost up to £200; a figure that you really don’t want to have to fork out for on a regular basis.

How to look after your pet’s teeth

While having a comprehensive pet insurance policy in place that does cover dental cleaning is a good idea, there are a few measures that you can take to help reduce trips to the vet due to mouth issues as much as possible.

  • Gently brush your cat or dog’s teeth regularly (try for once a day, but 3-4 times a week will usually suffice)
  • Ensure you use a pet-appropriate toothbrush to avoid causing any damage or harm to their teeth or gums
  • Opt for a meat-flavoured toothpaste to make it easier for your pet to have their teeth brushed and cleaned
  • Choose a chew toy or dental stick if your pet really doesn’t like having their teeth brushed; these can help to strengthen teeth and reduce plaque build up
  • Have regular check-ups at your local vet
  • Take care to look out for any warning signs that your pet could be suffering from dental issues

Conclusion - does pet insurance cover dental cleaning?

If you have a pet, you’ll be aware that there are many responsibilities that you must undertake. One of the most important parts of ensuring that your pet is in good health, is ensuring that their teeth and gums are kept in pristine condition to avoid unnecessary and unwanted infections and diseases.

In order to avoid paying out extortionate amounts of money every time your pet needs to pay a visit to the vet for dental treatment, you should make sure that you’re equipped with a pet insurance plan that covers dental cleaning.

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy is vital, so look out for a pet insurance policy that will offer you and your pet the best dental care. While some insurers won’t offer dental cleaning as a standard as part of their policies, you can choose to purchase it as an extra add on to ensure your pet is well-looked after in a dental emergency.

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