Do I need travel insurance?

12th January 2019by Joanna White

When planning and booking a holiday, there are so many things you need to remember to do. From booking your accommodation and flights, to arranging activities and excursions; you’ll likely have many things on your mind.

However, one important factor you should consider before embarking on your holiday is whether you need travel insurance. The average cost of medical expenses and treatments overseas is £1,300 and can often be much higher. This is certainly something you should keep in mind when deciding whether you need travel insurance.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about whether you need travel insurance.

What you need to know about travel insurance

Travel insurance helps to cover and protect you from extortionate costs such as medical bills and paying for extra flights if yours is cancelled or delayed.

If you’re on holiday and you run into an unexpected occurrence such as an accident or incident, travel insurance helps to cover the costs.

Why is it important?

Travel insurance is important because it helps to cover you for a plethora of expenses should the worst happen while you’re on holiday.

Many foreign countries don’t have a service in place such as the NHS, which means if you require emergency medical assistance while you’re on holiday, you may be faced with hefty medical costs.

If you have travel insurance however, you should be covered for these costs under your insurance policy. As emergency medical treatment can be incredibly expensive when you’re abroad, travel insurance will help to protect you against having to pay extortionate medical bills, so you don’t have to worry about paying lots of money, as well as worrying about your health.

Travel insurance doesn’t just cover the cost of medical bills while you’re away either; it will cover you for the cost of your holiday should something go wrong, as well as the loss or theft of your personal belongings.

When thinking about whether travel insurance is worth your investment, it’s a good idea to think about the expenses you could incur if something happens to you while you’re away and you don’t have fully comprehensive travel insurance.

Is travel insurance a legal requirement?

Despite travel insurance being an incredibly important investment to make before you travel, it’s not actually considered to be a legal requirement like car insurance is. It can however, help to protect your holiday, your belongings and yourself and your family in the event that something goes wrong while you’re away.

Many tour providers, travel agents and tourist boards will insist and suggest that you purchase cover before you travel, but they can’t legally enforce it upon you.

For your own peace of mind, especially when travelling to countries such as the United States where there’s no national health service, you should consider purchasing travel insurance so that you can rest-assured that you and your family will be covered in the event of an emergency.

If you travel to places such as the United States for example, without the correct travel insurance, then you could face medical bills in the thousands of pounds if you require emergency medical treatment.

Do I need travel insurance – types of insurance

When thinking about whether you need travel insurance, you must consider the various types of travel insurance.

The list below shows some of the most common types of travel insurance that you may require for your trip:

  • Single trip
  • Annual multi-trip
  • Backpackers insurance
  • Family cover
  • Over 65s cover
  • Business travel insurance

What does travel insurance cover?

As well as there being many types of travel insurance policies, there are also several things that each policy will cover you for.

  • Theft or loss of possessions
  • Delayed or cancelled trips
  • Personal liability
  • Emergency medical expenses, including medical bills and even the cost of getting you home in an extreme emergency

Of course, there are also many other things that travel insurance will cover you for, so depending on where you’re travelling to and the risk you’re willing to take, it is often advised that you take out a travel insurance policy. Debenhams Travel Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance policies for single trip and annual, multi trips. They also specialise in Winter Sports Travel Insurance.

Conclusion – do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance isn’t something that is a legal requirement, however it is strongly advised by almost every travel operator, tour company and tourist board that you should have some level of cover before you travel.

Travel insurance can help to protect you against a whole manner of eventualities including medical expenses, lost baggage and delayed departures. If you want to ensure that you’ll be fully covered and protected on your holiday, then it’s a good idea to invest in travel insurance.