Different types of pet insurance explained

29th November 2018by Joanna White

There are many different types of pet insurance, depending on which insurance provider you decide to go with.

However, generally speaking, there are just four main types that are common with almost every provider.

In this extensive guide, you can find out all about the different types of pet insurance that you can get in order to ensure your pet is well-covered.

Accident only

Accident only is a common type of pet insurance that almost every pet insurance provider will offer.

It covers a range of things to ensure that your pet is covered in the event of an accident or an incident.

With accident only pet insurance, you’re not covered for quite as much as other types of policies, therefore it’s considered to be a budget option in terms of pet insurance.

What are you covered for?

  • Most policies will have a 12 month time limit
  • Provides a fixed sum for each accidental injury that your pet incurs
  • Cover for vet fees
  • Suitable for smaller injuries or accidents


Lifetime policies are known by various names in the pet insurance industry, including lifelong, cover for life and renewable benefit policies. However, whatever way your pet insurance provider presents it to you, they’re all the same thing. Agira Pet Insurance offer one of the most respected lifetime policies for Pet Insurance.

With lifetime pet insurance, you’ll be covered for a whole manner of injuries, accidents and treatments and they’re also considered to be one of the most comprehensive types of pet insurance.

A lifetime pet insurance policy will cover your pet for all new medical conditions up to the maximum financial limit of your policy. If you reach the limit before the end of the period, you won’t receive cover for that particular condition until you renew your policy.

What are you covered for?

  • Covered up to a set amount each year
  • Cover for your pet for the entirety of its life (as long as you renew your policy when required)
  • Insure your pet for new medical illnesses, injuries or accidents they obtain

Time limited

With time limited pet insurance, you’re able to make a claim for a medical condition that your pet suffers up to a certain amount; each new condition is covered until you reach the financial limit for your 12 month period.

Time limited policies typically last for 12 months, but each provider may vary so just make sure to double check the limited time period of your particular policy.

What are you covered for?

  • Fixed sum of money that covers your pet for the treatment of each injury or illness
  • OR a set period of time for which the treatment your pet requires for any illness or injury

Maximum benefits

Often also referred to as money limited or per-condition policies, maximum benefits pet insurance is considered to sit somewhere between the budget option (accident only) and the fully comprehensive (lifetime) end of the pet insurance spectrum.

This type of pet insurance usually covers your pet for each new medical condition that they experience up to a certain amount, as long as the insurance policy is still valid.

What are you covered for?

  • Fixed amount of money for each injury or illness
  • The money will pay for your pet’s treatment
  • Cover for each illness and injury as long as you don’t exceed your set amount of money

What else does pet insurance cover?

While the above are the main types of pet insurance, there are in fact a few other things that some insurance providers will cover your pet for.

Some insurers may offer the below types of cover as standard as part of their policies, whereas others will require you to buy these as optional add-ons.

Medical bills

Vet bills are often covered for with most types of pet insurance but just how far that cover goes, depends on the insurer themselves.

Vet fees don’t just include the likes of treatment costs, but they can also include scans, tests, surgery, medications, examinations and consultations.

Furthermore, you may even be required to purchase dental cover as an extra add-on as this doesn’t often come with most types of pet insurance.

Death, burial and cremation

While it’s an awful thing to think about, it’s a good idea to be smart and practical when it comes to your pet insurance policy.

Some type of pet insurers will offer you cover in the event that your pet dies and you need to cremate or bury it.

You may even find that some pet insurance providers will provide euthanasia costs for your pet.

Third party

Third party pet insurance also isn’t always included in your pet insurance policy, but it’s still a good idea to have it.

If your pet causes damage to someone else’s property or a person themselves, you’ll likely be required to pay damage costs. With third party pet insurance, you’ll be covered in the event that something happens to another person’s property as a result of your pet.

Conclusion – different types of pet insurance

As you can see above, there are various types of pet insurance that you can choose from. M&S Pet Insurance Offer various types of Pet Insurance for your Dog or Cat and you can find the right, affordable cover for your pet.

There’s no one particular type that is considered to be better than the others – it’s entirely dependent on yours and your pet’s needs when it comes to which type of insurance to go for. Make sure you weigh up the differences between each type of policy in order to make the right decision for your pet.