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27th March 2017by Neil Martin0

As demand for cruises is on the increase, there’s shocking news that many holidays on the waves might not be covered by certain travel insurance policies.

Those planning to take to the high seas are being warned by travel insurance experts not to assume that they will be automatically covered.

A recent study by Defaqto revealed that of the nearly 900 single trip policies that can be purchased for travel insurance, only just under 40% of them included cruising as a standard. What’s more, that around 10% of those policies would never cover a cruise holiday.

This will be shock to the huge numbers that partake to the hotels on the waves every year. They will board their ships thinking that they are covered for such a holiday, when in fact they are as good as travelling without any insurance whatsoever.

Which means that should you become ill on your holiday, or be hospitalised, or have to be repatriated, then the medical bill could be huge.

But that’s not the only problem.

Even if you do have a policy that covers cruising, there can be many conditions attached. For example, you might get compensation for being confined in your cabin, per day, but that the sum total is actually far less than the cost of the cruise itself.

Part of the problem is that cruises can theoretically sail anywhere in the world and visit a large number of countries, each with their own level of medical costs and varying conditions of access to help.

Therefore, travel industry experts are recommending that people who go on cruises should take out special travel insurance that covers all the countries you intend to visit. Also, the cruise ship might offer other activities, which can, like jet-skiing, need a whole level of cover in itself. Then there is the matter of travel to where the ship is berthed, late arrivals (when the ship has sailed) and cancellations.

The advice is to choose a travel insurance policy with great care.

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