Co-op Travel Money

26th November 2018by Joanna White

Co-op have been providing people with an impeccable range of holidays, travel money, advice and incredible holiday extras for many years now.

Their helpful service is what sets them apart from their competition and their travel money service is one of the best in the business. From travel insurance, to car hire and holiday deals to a vast range of places, it’s not hard to see why Co-op are a firm favourite with many people.

Co-op’s Travel Money service is one of a kind and will see you fully prepared for your holiday of a lifetime as soon as possible!

The guide below shows everything that there is to know about Co-op Travel Money, including how to buy it, where to buy it and all the wonderful features of their service.

Features and benefits

There are so many amazing features and benefits to be used and enjoyed from Co-op Travel Money.

They know what their customers want and they’re not afraid to be as competitive as possible in order to obtain the best results for their customers. Here are just some of the many amazing benefits that Co-op Travel Money offer.

  • Financially protected
  • Award-winning customer service
  • 70 years of experience in travel
  • Low deposits & flexible payments
  • Unique Cash Passports
  • Membership points for every booking
  • 100% independent
  • No minimum amount for buying foreign currency
  • Buy back service

Cash Passports

At Co-operative Travel, one of their unique selling points is their MasterCard Cash Passport, which is a prepaid currency card.

The Cash Passport is one of the most effective, safe and convenient ways of transporting your foreign currency around when you’re abroad. It reduces the chance of you losing your cash, and you’re much less likely to experience theft in large quantities, as you can often find when you carry lots of cash around with you.

Co-op’s Cash Passport includes all the security and safety of a traveller’s cheque, but it comes with much less hassle and fuss. The Cash Passport allows you to pre-load your card with your currency, which can then be used at millions of ATMs all over the world.

Furthermore, anywhere with the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark will also take your Cash Passport card, including at restaurants, shops and bars.

The Cash Passport from Co-op Travel Money can be preloaded with seven different currencies including; British Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars, South African Rand and Canadian Dollars.

While the Cash Passport isn’t available in as many currencies as Co-op Travel Money cash for example, it still allows you to use it in many places all around the world.

Benefits of the Cash Passport:

  • 24/7 card service team available to answer any questions or queries you may have
  • Seven types of currency including GBP, USD and EUR
  • Free replacement card if your card is lost or stolen
  • Easy to top up the card using a variety of methods including; debit or credit cards, online banking, over the phone or in-store
  • Safer and more convenient that carrying lots of cash with you
  • Millions of places to use it around the world including ATMs, restaurants and shops

How to buy

There are multiple ways to buy your currency from Co-op Travel Money.

Whether you’re in a rush and looking to buy money as soon as possible before you embark on your holiday, or you just want a more convenient option for you, Co-op Travel Money are able to cater to your every need.

Online form

Co-op’s online form is simple, fast and extremely convenient to use.

The form will be sent to one of Co-op’s Travel Money experts who will help to find you a great deal on your currency, no matter what the current exchange rates look like.

When you buy your foreign currency from Co-op Travel Money, you can rest-assured that there’s no minimum amount for a foreign exchange purchase; which means you can buy as little or as much money as you’d like.


Co-op have hundreds of stores located across the UK where you can purchase your foreign currency from, for your convenience.

They even offer a ‘find a branch’ feature on their website whereby you can discover the closest Co-op store to you in order to buy or collect your travel money from.

Over the phone

Co-op’s customer care team are on hand to assist you with any queries you may have. Whether you’re looking to book a holiday, want to change your booking or looking to purchase travel money, Co-op can help you with whatever you need.

Popular currencies from Co-Op Travel Money

There are dozens of different currencies to choose from with Co-op Travel Money including;

  • US Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Australian Dollars
  • Turkish Lira
  • Euros
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Croatian Kuna
  • Indian Rupee
  • Thai Baht
  • Plus, so many more!

Conclusion – Co-Op Travel Money

If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient place to purchase your travel money from, then there’s really no better place than Co-op Travel Money.

They offer excellent customer service and a plethora of ways to order and buy your travel currency, for your convenience. Choose from ordering online, in-store or over the phone.

With Co-op Travel Money, you can also choose from a vast range of different currencies from all over the world, and with their Cash Passport Travel Money Card, you can use your currency in millions of locations all over the world.

Other currency providers to consider are Debenhams Travel Money who have over 100’s stores nationwide and ASDA travel Money who also offer a click and collect service.


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