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M&S Bank cardholders could save up to 15% when taking out a new policy and when renewing cover, full terms and conditions apply

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Car insurance UK is one of the most competitive markets and that can make life easy, and hard at the same time.

Easy because there are so many companies out there competing for your business, that there is endless choice and also, prices are kept to decent levels. The difficulty comes in because where do you start looking?

Checking out car insurance UK can be a full time occupation (it’s what we do all day), so don’t waste your valuable life heaving through mounds of information, use us. We can save you time, and money, by doing the difficult work first, then presenting you with the best options and choices.

Give us a go, you won’t regret it.

When looking at the thousands of car insurance UK companies, we focus on:

  • Policy type – we look for companies that provide comprehensive cover and protect against damage, write-offs and stolen vehicles
  • Cover Levels – we opt for insurers with a Standard and Premier level service
  • Breakdowns – this is a great idea, especially when choosing Premier level packages
  • Legal – an insurer which does not offer a decent amount of legal cover is not worth looking at
  • Car Hire – cars spend a fair bit of time off the road, so you need a replacement and we identify policies that provide for that
  • Get Personal – we prefer cover for belongings (about £200) and for accident (about £10,000)
  • Going Overseas – many people take their car abroad and we have looked for policies that provide for this
  • Customer Service – no good if no-one is ever there; a must for us.

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