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22nd May 2018by Neil Martin0

Car owners woke up to tougher MOT tests and a potential knock-on effect on their car insurance on 20th May. The new rules make the MOT test a more severely strict process that ranks cars in three defect categories. If a car is driven before it is repaired to standard, the driver faces a £2,500 fine and three points.

One in three cars already fail their MOT, and critics believe that the new testing system will mean more people will be reluctant to get their car tested. The rules are also going to have an impact on car insurance. Car insurance companies are already warning that drivers caught driving a car without an up-to-date MOT could invalidate their car insurance.

Instead of a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’, a car will now be placed in three defect categories – dangerous, major or minor. With the three categories indicating the seriousness of the problems. Cars with the most serious problems will not be allowed to be driven until the car is fixed or taken to a scrapyard.

As well as the difference in results, the tests themselves will delve much deeper into the health of the car. The new tests will check for things such as fluid leaks that pose an environmental risk, missing brake pads and discs, obviously underinflated tyres and an emissions test that will be harder to pass.

With the rules only just being rolled out, it will take some time to see how they impact drivers going forward. Drivers need to be aware of the MOT changes and think carefully about its implications, even on things such as their car insurance.

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