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24th January 2019by Joanna White

When it comes to claiming on your car insurance, there are a few steps that you need to follow in order to successfully submit your claim.

That means therefore, it would prove to be quite difficult for someone to claim on your car insurance without you knowing about it.

This post will explain more in detail about the process of claiming on your car insurance, and how unlikely it is for someone to do it without your knowledge.

What you need to know - can someone claim on my car insurance without me knowing?

While it’s said to be extremely unlikely that someone would be able to claim on your car insurance without you knowing, it’s not entirely impossible.

These types of claims can occur either as a genuine claim, or as a fraudulent one. Whichever one happens to you, it’s important to be able to recognise its occurrence and know what to do if it happens.

Third party claims

With regards to third party claims, it is possible for someone to contact your car insurance provider directly without your prior knowledge or involvement.

This could occur if you’ve had a brief incident with another car whereby you’ve had a minor bump when pulling out of a car parking space, for example.

You may decide to exchange details but then neither of you wishes to make a claim. However, upon reflection, the other driver may change their mind and decide to put a claim in with your insurer, meaning that you won’t be aware of it until your insurer gets in touch with you to hear your side of the story.

Cloned car registration claims

Another way that someone might be able to make a claim on your behalf without you knowing is if it’s done for fraudulent purposes.

One way this can happen is if you get into an accident with another vehicle and decide to swap information and details for them to make a claim, they could in fact be using your details as part of a cloned version of your car claim.

They do this by obtaining your car registration details and then match it to another car of a very similar make and model. This means that they are then able to commit road crimes without being prosecuted for it, such as driving through congestion zones and obtaining speeding and parking fines; meaning that you’d be the one to receive the fines at home.

If you suspect that this might have happened to you – either you’re receiving fines for crimes you didn’t commit or you discover that a claim has been made against your insurance policy, then it’s imperative to report it to the police as soon as possible.

While you may have never heard of such things happening, cloned car registration claims occurred across more than 1.75 million vehicles in 2016 alone; meaning that it’s not an entirely uncommon occurrence.

What details do you need to make a claim?

Depending on the type of claim you need to make (was it a car accident or theft?), you’re likely going to need the following information to hand.

  • Vehicle registration of both cars
  • Car make, model and colour
  • Name and address of any other driver involved
  • Date and time of incident
  • Contact details of any witnesses
  • Car insurance details of the other driver
  • You may also want to take pictures of the incident, so you have even more solid proof for your insurance provider

That means, unless the person making a claim without you knowing has all these details, then it’s probably unlikely that they’d be able to make a claim on your car insurance.

Conclusion - can someone claim on my car insurance without me knowing?

It would prove to be difficult for someone to claim on your car insurance without you knowing. As so many details are required in order to be able to make a claim such as contact details of the other driver, vehicle registration, make and model, as well as the date and time of the incident, it would be difficult for a claim to be made without your knowledge.

However, it can happen in instances where both drivers have agreed to not make a claim, but then one driver decides to do it later anyway. It can also happen due to cloned car registration claims; make sure you’re aware of the possibilities of someone claiming against your policy without your knowledge.

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