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Asda Travel Money takes the uncertainty out of buying travel money and gives you a great rate and service you can trust.

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With Asda Travel Money you’ll always have access to the best exchange rates and they also offer an exchange rate guarantee, but more details on that a little later. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Asda for your holiday money needs.

  • 0% commission on all foreign currencies
  • Asda offers an Exchange Rate Guarantee. If you can find a better rate within 5 miles of an Asda bureau, they will beat it!
  • There are 135 Asda Travel Money bureaus nationwide.
  • Choose Click & Collect for collection at your nearest store or free delivery on orders over £500.

Going on holiday isn’t a chore, so why should buying your travel money be one? Asda Travel Money offers convenient, affordable and high-quality service from a name you can trust and offers you the freedom to purchase your travel money at the same time as picking up your weekly shop!

Live ASDA Travel Money Exchange Rates

last updated: 25th April 2019 10:53 am
CurrencyExchange rate£100 Gets You
Euro (EUR)1.1331113.31Buy Now
US Dollar (USD)1.2646126.46Buy Now
United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)4.5469454.69Buy Now
Australian Dollar (AUD)1.7842178.42Buy Now
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)1.8944189.44Buy Now
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Asda’s Exchange Rate Guarantee

Asda is one of many brands offering travel money to its customers alongside its main offering of groceries. It’s so convenient to purchase your currency in-store or to buy it online from their website, but one of the best things about choosing Asda Travel Money is their unique selling point – their Exchange Rate Guarantee. It means if you have been offered a lower exchange rate by any other bureau within a 5-mile radius, Asda will beat it. That radius is one of the most generous we have seen, so it could be well worth checking out.

The Asda Travel Money Card

Another great way to carry your holiday money is on an Asda Travel Money Card. The way this works is simple. Just choose the currency you wish to load onto the card and you’re done. Available in seven currencies, the Asda Travel Money Card can be used in millions of ATMs worldwide and you won’t incur any fees in the process. It can be topped up quickly and securely online or on your phone and you can use it in any store that accepts a Mastercard – over 36 million bars, shops and restaurants currently accept Mastercard, so it’s just like using your regular bank card.

Pros & Cons of Using Asda Travel Money

Asda is already a company you know and trust, and their travel money service offers convenient customer service and some of the best exchange rates on the market.

The Pros

  • You can pick up your travel money along with your shopping.
  • 0% commission.
  • Collect in-store or arrange delivery to your home.
  • The Exchange Rate Guarantee is a unique feature that could help you to make great savings. You’ll need to provide exact details of the offer you received and then Asda will beat it.

The Cons

  • With only 135 bureaus operating in the UK, you may not have an Asda Travel Money bureau nearby to arrange collection from. The good news is that you can still order your money to be delivered to your door. It’s free if you order £500 or more or you’ll pay £3.95 for next day delivery on lesser amounts.

Asda Travel Money Rates Can Save You Money

If you were thinking of purchasing your travel money from the airport, you may want to think twice. Airport rates are notoriously bad and you could pay more than 14% more for your euros by waiting until the last minute. It might be convenient to wait until you get to the airport, but using Asda currency exchange will give you more money in your pocket for a few rounds of drinks around the pool or an excursion. Don’t forget, you can take advantage of free delivery if you spend more than £500 – perfect if you have waited until the last minute, but want to get a great deal.

Asda offers a wide range of currencies that can be taken as cash, on a travel money card or a combination of the two. You can check the daily rate on Best Money Saver and lock in a great deal when you feel the time is right. Euro exchange rates change daily, so make sure you bookmark us so that you don’t miss out on that deal.

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Keeping Your Travel Money Safe Abroad

When you’re travelling abroad the last thing you need is for your money to be stolen. Keeping your money secure and safe, no matter where your travels take you is relatively easy and just means remembering some good habits.

  • If carrying cash, only take as much as you think you’ll need. Leave the rest in your hotel safe or a safe and secure place in your accommodation.
  • Consider using a money belt or another type of bag that is difficult for thieves to grab or tamper with.
  • A travel money card is one of the easiest and safest ways to carry your currency. If it is lost or stolen, you can simply stop the card and arrange for the money to be put onto another card or put back into your bank account.
  • Make sure to protect your money and belongings with travel insurance. Asda offers travel insurance too!
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Shop For Your Asda Travel Money Today

With Asda Travel Money rates at your fingertips, there is no longer an excuse to miss out on the best exchange rates. Why not take a look at the rate today to see how much you could save on your holiday money? Whether you are travelling in the next couple of days or the next month or two, Asda offers peace of mind from a name you can trust. And don’t forget, if you have seen a better euro rate with another bureau, Asda will beat it with their Exchange Rate Guarantee.

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