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About Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Animal Friends is different from many other pet insurance companies. It puts its ethical credentials first and is a great supporter of animal charities worldwide. With 15 years of experience behind it and one of the widest range of policies available, Animal Friends is the obvious choice for many pet owners. It is true ‘feel-good’ insurance.

  • Get great deals online
  • Policies available to suit every budget
  • Costs from just £3.01 a month
  • Will insure animal of any age
  • Lifetime and time-limited policies available
  • Benefits include public liability and theft
  • Levels include basic through to prestige
  • Dog and cat insurance policies available

Dog Insurance

Having a dog, or puppy in your home is a great experience, but is also brings a whole raft of responsibilities and challenges. You even need to consider their dietary needs, as well as their bedding and how often they need a walk!

Owners choose Animal Friends dog insurance because of the many benefits on offer:

  • Various levels of cover available, from just £3.73 a month
  • Any age can be insured
  • Choose from basic to prestige
  • Public liability included
  • Theft protection included
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Cat Insurance

Owning a cat is great and everyone wants the best for their pet. With an Animal Friends ethical cat insurance, you can give your pet the very best of cover which helps protect against illnesses, injury and theft.

Numerous benefits include:

  • Premiums from just £3.01 a month
  • No age limit
  • Levels go from basic to prestige
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Supporting Animal Welfare Charities

Animal Friends is very concerned with the welfare of pets on a global basis. It is one of the most active supporters of worldwide animal charities and a proportion of the monies spent on Animal Friends policies, are used to help disadvantaged dogs and cats around the globe.


  • Rescue centres and charities reporting major increase in numbers of cases
  • Some 50% more cats and dogs being brought in over last five years
  • Every Animal Friends policy provides money to help rescue dogs and cats
  • Help support animal welfare
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