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Agria Pet Insurance is an award-winning insurer who provide cover that’s available for the duration of your beloved pet’s life, if a long-term condition should develop. Agria are proud of their outstanding pet insurance and know customers appreciate the care and concern displayed by their knowledgeable customer service team.

Some of the benefits provided by Agria pet insurance include:

  • lifetime insurance cover for your faithful pet, so if an ongoing condition develops you have the peace of mind that your Agria Pet Insurance cover can continue for your pet’s entire life
  • a whopping 97% of all claims are paid out by Agria with their award-winning claims service
  • 50% off insurance premiums for the first two months of any policy
  • speedy claims settlement, with payments made direct to yourself or your vet
  • up to £12,500 vets fees in standard benefits, which can be renewed each year of your pet’s entire lifetime

Agria Pet Insurance were the winners of the Moneyfacts Consumer Award for the best claims service in 2018, so you can rest assured you’ve chosen a great provider when you buy your pet insurance from Agria.

Owning a pet of any kind is a loving relationship and your pet needs you to provide the best possible lifestyle for it at all times. This can sometimes mean you need to take your pet dog, cat, rabbit or bird to a local vet to receive treatment for minor complaints. The costs of animal care have risen tremendously over the years and taking out pet insurance gives you the confidence to know you can meet potential vets bills with ease.

You just need to make one regular monthly payment to Agria Pet Insurance to benefit from up to £12,500 worth of vets bill cover each year. This means that in the event of an ongoing illness or if your pet develops a permanent medical condition of any kind then your vets fees will be covered up to the maximum annual amount.

All of Agria’s dog and cat insurances provide up to £12,500 cover, while Agria’s rabbit insurance gives you an annual maximum of £2,500 in vet bill allowances.

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Your dog can be your best friend and is bound to be a much loved family pet, so you want the best for him at all times. With Agria’s award-winning pet insurance in place you can rest assured that any emergency vet bills will be covered up to a maximum of £12,500 each year. If your pet pooch should develop an ongoing medical condition that requires regular veterinary treatment, the knowledge that your Agria Pet Insurance is available for your dog’s entire lifetime means you won’t have to worry about large bills mounting up over several years.

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Agria also offer annual cover up to £12,500 for your pet cat, what’s more Agria give £1 from every single cat insurance policy to International Cat Care to help provide ongoing care for cats located anywhere in the world.

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Agria rabbit insurance covers you against vet bills if your pet rabbit falls sick or is injured in any way. Like our other insurances your rabbit will be covered for her lifetime if she develops an ongoing medical condition that requires regular vet treatment.

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Pet insurance for animal breeders

If you breed cats or dogs, you can benefit Agria’s top quality breeder insurance cover to provide benefits for your puppies or kittens for the first few weeks of life in their new homes. Each and every one of the pups or kittens you supply to any new owner will be covered by Agria’s valuable pet insurance for free for the first five weeks they are living in their new home. This can provide new owners with useful assurances that the health of their new pet will not be jeopardised by the move.

You can also join the popular Breeder Club to take advantage of even more special offers and useful benefits from Agria Pet Insurance.

Pet owners planning to breed from their own cat or dog will also find that adding breeder risk cover to any existing Agria Pet Insurance gives extra cover against any gestation or birth conditions that could require vet assistance, including the need for caesarian section births.

Rehoming pet insurances

Animal rehoming organisations can also benefit from Agria’s special offer of five weeks free Agria Pet Insurance for all pets moving to their new forever homes.

Your pet fostering centre or animal rehoming organisation helps provide all the rescue animals in your care with valuable pet insurance cover for the first few weeks they spend in any new home. The Agria Rehoming Club is free to join and all the rescue pets in your care can benefit from our five week free pet insurance policy in their new home, irrespective of age. This also means the new owners of all the pets you home can take advantage of Agria’s generous lifetime cover offer and receive insurance benefits for their pet for life, even if an ongoing medical condition develops.

Your Agria Rehoming Club membership also provides you with opportunities to earn valuable commissions for any pets Agria insures under full lifetime policies.

Agria Life for all veterinary practices

Any vet can take advantage of the free practice support programme and benefit in a variety of ways. Joining up with Agria Life helps your practice benefit from increased custom and more customer loyalty.

Agria also provides vets with a dedicated veterinary support team to ensure all insurance issues are handled speedily and efficiently.

Your practice will have the ability to offer all clients a free five week pet insurance policy for any kittens or pups you treat. You can rest assured that any claims Agria receive are handled with utmost speed, with 97% of all claims made settled in full.

Get in touch today to find out more about Agria’s superb pet insurance products and keep your beloved pet happy, healthy and safe both now and in the future.

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