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When you have more than one car in your household, Admiral MultiCar protects them all on one convenient and affordable policy.
5 star Defaqto rating
Awarded the Best Car Insurance Provider for five years
Save over £345

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Admiral MultiCar Insurance is the perfect solution for households with more than one car. Whether you are a two-car family, own a car collection or the kids now have their own wheels, a multicar policy makes buying car insurance for multiple vehicles more convenient and more affordable.

With Admiral Car Insurance you can be sure of the best product and cover possible. With over 20 years of experience covering the UK’s motorists, this is a company you can trust to not only provide you with the cover you need but to give you a great deal and the support you need when it comes to making a claim.

Here are just some of the great reasons to choose an Admiral MultiCar Insurance policy:

  • Every car under the policy earns a discount
  • Each Car has its own no claims bonus
  • Save over £345 insuring your vehicles in this way
  • You only have one renewal date to worry about

You can start your policy today and enjoy your first MultiCar discount. Then, as each of the other vehicles in your household comes up for renewal on their insurance policies, you can simply add them to your Admiral MultiCar policy. It really is that simple. But don’t take our word for it. Give Admiral Insurance a try for yourself and find out why they have been offered a 5-star Defaqto rating and why 98% of their customers would buy from them again.

How Does MultiCar Work?

MultiCar insurance might sound complicated, but it really isn’t. In fact, it works much the same as an individual car insurance policy. Just like your regular policy, Admiral MultiCar offers cover for 12 months which you can pay for all in one go or spread the cost over the year, if you are eligible. You start by insuring one car, and then, as other cars in your household hit their insurance renewal date, you simply port them over to your muilticar policy.

So, whose cars can you add to your policy? Well, here’s the great thing. While you can add partners, children or parents to your policy, you can also add any vehicle that is registered to your address, regardless of who it belongs to. In a nutshell, anybody who lives at your address and who has a car registered there can be included under your MultiCar policy.

Is MultiCar Insurance Right For You?

We know you want to arrange car insurance without wading through lots of small print and insurance jargon. That’s why at Best Money Saver, we bring you advice and guidance that helps you to make the right decision faster. Combining all of your car insurance policies together under a single, easy to manage, easy to renew policy may seem like the perfect solution for your household. To help you to know for sure whether this is the right fit for your needs, Admiral has put together a number of scenarios that show a multicar policy in action.

Scenario 1

“We have two cars in our household, but they have different renewal dates. I’m not sure a multicar insurance policy is right for me. It sounds like a lot of paperwork too!”

The great thing about an Admiral Multicar Insurance quote is that it is designed to be just as simple as arranging an individual quote. We won’t ask you to cancel the policy on your second car, but just to give us some information about that vehicle and its drivers.

Scenario 2

“Our son is currently learning to drive. Can we add his car onto a multicar policy when he passes his test?”

No problem! Admiral Insurance allows you to add any other car registered at the same address. And don’t forget, you can both build up a no claims discount on the same policy. Also, if one vehicle is involved in an accident, it won’t affect the no claims bonus of the other driver.

Scenario 3

“My daughter has gone to university and taken her vehicle with her. Can I arrange cover for her car?”

Yes, as long as all the cars on your multicar policy belong to family members, Admiral can include them all on the same policy. And everybody will still benefit from their own no claims bonus and discount.

Scenario 4

“We only have one vehicle at the moment, but we may think about purchasing another car one day”

In this scenario, Admiral would recommend choosing a single-car policy for now. Then, at a later date when you purchase a new vehicle you can move over to a multicar insurance policy and cover both vehicles. Admiral offers a number of policies designed to save you money. Ask them about their LittleBox insurance cover that rewards you for safe driving.

MultiCar Insurance Made Easy

Whether you are looking for a policy to cover two cars, or you have any cars you would like to add to the same policy, Admiral Insurance makes it as easy as ABC. They have helped hundreds of thousands of customers to enjoy the many benefits of managing only one policy and one renewal date and can give you a cost-effective quote that you will be delighted with.

At Best Money Saver, we work with the brands that have been offering quality insurance and money products for many years and who are loved and trusted by millions. It means you can buy your car insurance with total peace of mind and know that you got a great deal for your money. Admiral Insurance has been insuring car drivers for many years and has won multiple awards for their products.

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